Feb 8, 2008

A Chick Pea by any other name, would not taste as delicious

Back in December, Jason and I were at the Cricket store off of Arapahoe and I-25 picking up our copy of KBCO Studio C when we saw they were building a new quick-service casual dining restaurant next door called Garbanzo featuring Mediterranean cuisine.

Well anyway, last Friday we were trying to decide what to do for dinner before The Fray concert when I remembered that Garbanzo was supposed to be opening. We decided to swing by and see if it was ready for business. Sure enough it was open. We glanced at the menu and at first I wasn’t sure I was ready for something new that night. Jason encouraged us to eat there, as we were starting to run short on time, and I’m so glad we did. They had the best hummus, the best falafel and the best shwarma. Plus their little sides of salads were to die for. When you go you should try the Falarma plate (which is a combination of falafel and Shwarma, plus all the sides and hummus dip).

I recommend stopping by if you are in the area, or just wait for them to expand – as I’m sure it is the next food joint to sweep the state, especially since one of the partners in the company is Ken Rosenthal, founder of St. Louis Bread Company/Panera Bread.

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