Mar 30, 2009

Another Wild Weekend

I must say I work with some of the greatest ladies. Saturday Shannon and Rosemary hosted a bridal shower in my honor - yay! We played bridal bingo and wedding fashion show - and there were LOTS of prizes. The food was to die for, I literally want the recipe from the brunch! We had so much food - it was wonderful. Then I opened presents. In my own selfish way that is the best part, haha. They threw such a wonderful party.
Here is a little glimpse of the fashion show:
After the shower, I picked up some flowers to do a test run with the birch bark tubes and table clothes to make sure our centerpieces would be perfect. There won't be any carnations in the real centerpiece (Jenny in my office was really worried about that) but they were on clearance and I knew they would do the filler part for the test run.
Here is how the centerpieces turned out (these we will be on the 4 foot tables, the high top 3 feet tables will have a 3 inch piece of birch back filled with ground cover greenery).
After the test run of the flowers, Jason and I went to Breckenridge Brewery & BBQ. It was so tasty, but I don't know if we will be able to have the rehearsal dinner there because the place is TINY. However, if you are looking for good food and good beer - this is your place.

Sunday we went up to Jason's parents house for dinner and to cut the birch tubes to size. Some of the tubes were too tall, and we needed the others to be cut tiny. We also gathered up a few things for the garage sale we will be having.

It is snowing this morning. I hate snow I have decided. This snow is sleet, this snow blows sideways, this snow is icy, this snow is cold, this snow is wet, this snow makes me bitter. I'm ready for spring!

Mar 27, 2009

Finally Friday

I get so excited about the weekends...

Yesterday was a snow day of sorts. I woke up early of course to find NO snow, then headed to work, only to have it start dumping the moment I got to the office. Blizzard dumping, windy dumping, lots of snow dumping. I left and headed home at 11:00 only to spend 45 mins going the 6 miles to my house. It was horrible, I couldn't see, accidents everywhere. However, I got home to Jason having made me some fabulous soup, took a bubble bath and took a nap. Gotta love those days sometimes. Then we made a great dinner of hot dogs and mac n cheese. I must tell you I never had this meal until about a year ago. My whole life I have been living without.

This morning I did brave the roads and made it to work, to find only 5 others in the office braved the roads too. Everyone else either had the Friday off for CWW, took PTO, or worked from home. I must tell you I have lived 25 years with all-wheel drive and will never go without it again. I love my new car and the way it handles the roads in bad weather. It is a champ.

This weekend I have my bridal shower with the girls from work. {excited} I can't wait! Then Jason and I plan on getting our houses cleaned out of anything worth selling as we get ready to combine all our stuff. We are having a garage sale next weekend to purge and hopefully make a few dollars in the process.

I also hope that I find some new sun glasses and Jason finds a new set of trunks as we start getting ready for some beach fun. Plus we are checking out a place that has potential for our rehearsal dinner - keep your fingers crossed!

Mar 25, 2009

Free Food

Yesterday Meg and I went to Jamba Juice at lunch and just happened to win 30 oatmeals. Yes, 30. Enough to feed the entire office. This morning we picked them up, and couldn't be happier. Their service for free food was even better than I expected. They provided spoons, napkins and more coupons for $1 oatmeal.

If you would like to try their oatmeal for $1, feel free to use this coupon between now and 3/31.

Mar 24, 2009

5:00 AM Comes to Early

It's only Tuesday and I feel like I have lived a lifetime this morning alone... I've been falling asleep on the train the past two mornings - that is so unlike me. Any thoughts on how to feel more rested and alive.

Are you looking for the weekend recap?

Thursday night I enjoyed my favorite shows and basically relaxed.

Friday woke up early and hunted for the paper for our wedding programs - found it at Michaels. I had my first dress fitting and although I was told to loss 5 lbs the week before, the dress fit pretty darn near perfect with only a few tweaks that need to be made. After that grabbed lunch with mom and hit up the Boettcher again for some more table seating, back up plan, measuring, chats. Got a lot of details worked out up there. We attempted to go to Longmont for another Crocs warehouse sale and that was a total bust. We almost got jay-walking ticketse and found no cute shoes (they sell the You line there for really good deals). Jason and I had a quick BBQ dinner out.

Saturday had my hair trial and that was a disappointment. Really my hair looked like it was pulled in a casual pony tail from the front. I'm told the back didn't look bad, but I wasn't a fan. Think I might try another round of trials to just make sure I know what I'm getting into the morning of the wedding. I did like that place I went though - it was Kristin's normal hair place and it was really cute. Saturday night we grilled some shrimp and it was fab. We also booked our honeymoon - can't wait for that day to come.

Sunday I did a little cleaning, cat napped and that is about it. I had a number of things I should have been doing but all is well.

Yesterday got my birch bark vases in the mail - look for photos of the table setup coming at a later date since I need to finish getting everything together before I figure out exactly how it will all look.

Mar 23, 2009

Why Yes, I Would Love to Go

White sandy beaches, fab water slides, some of the best food, sun, DOLPHINS, relaxing, beach reads, drinks with umbrellas.... all leaves me with one question, Can we go now?

Any recommendations on food or fun in the Bahamas please feel free to share!

Mar 17, 2009

Let the Games Begin

You all remember my dear friend Alberto who won the mustache challenge here at work in 2008, well, allow me to introduce you to Dusty McCoy this year.

A little recap

Life has been good, busy and good.

This past weekend I got so many to-dos accomplished. Friday Jason and I had dinner at home (trying to eat in more on the weekends) and then headed out for a "date night" trip to Costco, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Crate and Barrel. Got some snacks, took care of some gift purchasing for some friends and then did then updated our registry.

Saturday we started out early trying to get the last of the family invites in the mail. Then we headed out for lots of other errands - I was on the hunt to find the perfect wedding day shoes (a little later, but finally). We hit about 6 stores, grabbed lunch, hit another store and I finally found my shoes. I also got my veil and some more fake flowers for my DIY letters. We then trekked to my parents house for some corned beef and cabbage. My mom and I spent about 2 hours on the wedding planning, hammering out details, logistics, next tasks, all that fun stuff.

Sunday of course started at the grocery store and then Jason and I went up to his parents house for dinner (Colorado Chili tacos). And chatted more wedding items with his mom.

I feel like I just spew wedding out my mouth these days, but we are less than 2 months from the big day!

Jason and I have found the perfect guest book option! And we have found the perfect new return address labels with my new last name. Thanks to the wonderful Jen at Lavish who is working on designing those puppies. I'll of course post some pictures once that times comes.

In other news, I have made new light rail friends. They are a bunch of lawyers. Super fun, and they make my train rides home so much faster when I sit with them. They share gum, and stories of their days and share magazines, and they are my new friends. {Smiles}

Mar 16, 2009

I got my party on

Still wrapping up from the weekend of fun that occurred Mar 4-Mar 8...

Show off the bling in my getup.

Kristin (MOH) and I. Kristin put the rockin' night together {thanks}

At Sing Sings on the stage... madness...

Mar 13, 2009

High Tea

You saw the invite...

Now here is the photo fun from the day:

The set-up

The menu and place setting

Amanda, myself & Kristin (my MOH)

Tearing into my dinner ware

More photos to come...

Mar 12, 2009

The Action Packed Weekend

Let's start from the beginning.

Had the day off and headed out of the house before 9AM to tackle the lengthy list of errands. Ring cleaning, Target return, bank deposit, mall, liquor store, car wash, gas and then of course CAKE TASTING.
We sampled 4 different cakes. Swedish Cream. Bailey's. Lemon. Carrot Cake. We loved them all except the Bailey's.
Then we headed to my folks house, worked on getting the invite envelopes stuffed and stamped. Finally headed to the airport to pick up the cousins so the party could begin.

Allison's Birthday. We headed to Cherry Creek Mall to bum around and do some shopping. It was a total girls day. Lots of window shopping, and lots of fitting room trips. We then headed to lunch followed up by pedicures at this great place that Shannon at work recommended.
For dinner the family dinned at White Chocolate Grill - and I must say. Best. Meal. Ever. It was so fabulous, the service, the food, the atmosphere. Jason and I are headed back for our own date night there ASAP. We started the meal with wine and cocktails, and artichokes that were to die for. I ate the blackened Mahi for dinner and it was mouth watering. Finally wrapped the meal up with some of the best desserts.
After dinner we got ready to head downtown to keep the birthday celebration rolling. Closed down the bars and headed home for some R&R.

Another early start to the day... however Allison had too much party the night before and was, uh, feeling ill. We started at the bridal dress store so I could inspect my dress that had just arrived at the store. Then my cousin Rebecca tried on dresses for her upcoming wedding. She ended up finding the perfect dress. After finishing up there we grabbed some lunch and drove up to the Boettcher to do some final walk throughs of the venue. It was setup for an event so we were able to see the table setup and that type of thing.

TEA Party (look for pictures to follow). So fun.
LIME (look for pictures to follow). So fun.
SING SING (look for pictures to follow). So fun.

Rest and more rest after toasting a very celebration-worthy day. I stayed huddled on the couch until about 3, when I finally showered and got ready to see Phantom of the Opera. I wasn't as impressed this time as I was years ago when we went, however it was a pleasant evening none the less.

Mar 11, 2009

Don't Worry

I'm not lost... just needing to a take a pause on posting while I collect my pictures from the weekend and find balance in getting the to-do list done with working 10 hours a day... stay tuned for a lengthy post by the end of the week.

Mar 3, 2009

Call this a Friday

Well I'm feeling slightly stressed with the amount of work that needs to be done before I take the next 3 days off. I don't know how I always plan on taking time off just in midst of reporting every month, but I will enjoy the days of fun ahead.

This past weekend was fast and full of sickness. Friday Jason and I grabbed Wahoo's for dinner. That place was packed, must be all those people dining down in the down economy on top of those who are Friday fish eaters during Lent. It was a nice meal - thanks to mom for the gift cards at Valentine's day, they have come in handy. Then we went home and I crashed at about 7:30 on the couch, tired and sick from the week. Saturday was up early and attempted to clean myself up thinking if I looked pretty I would feel pretty, however didn't really work. Stopped at Rhonda's baby shower to drop off my gift, but didn't stay since I didn't want to get her sick in her last weeks before little baby L arrives. She looked beautiful. Then I headed with my parents up to Jason's parents house to stop at Jason's dad's 60th birthday party. They had a very packed house - 50+ there for the party. Talked with Judy who will be marrying Jason and I in just over 2 months. Check that off the list. Then I headed home, rested for about an hour before heading back out to meet Kristin for the Rascal Flatts / Jessica Simpson concert. I wish I would have been feeling better so I could have danced and sang the night away, but the concert was still very fun even if I was mellow. John Elway was there - haha, they made a very big production of him and Paige and his daughter + friends there in the front row. Made me slightly sick to see how much they stole the show. Sunday went to the grocery and then slept the entire day away on the couch.

(talk about run on paragraph above)

Now just 11 hours and I will be free for 5 lovely days to play with my cousins who come in tomorrow! So looking forward to the weekend of fun. Look for pictures and great stories to come next week.