Jul 29, 2010

Rockies Game

Cross another thing off the summer list - attend an evening Rockies game...

On Tuesday the office headed to the Tavern and then to the Rockies game. We sat in the Rockpile - the first time I've done that in years, and I just read on Everything We Know About Denver that those are baseball's farthest seats.

It was the perfect evening weather wise and I only took two pics before leaving the game early to catch the train back home before the crowds.

Jul 27, 2010

The Latest DNS in the Collection

The latest painting I've forced my dad to give me. He wasn't really pleased with how this painting turned out, but I love it. It is rather large and I can't wait to hang it on the wall in the living room - maybe even get some new throw pillows for the couch to go with the new painting.

Jul 26, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was wonderful.

Friday during the day I met a friend for lunch, went to the pool and cleaned up my plants on the patio.
Friday night we enjoyed a great meal of grilled chicken, fresh cooked beets, and wild rice.
After dinner we went to the driving range, and hit a few balls, before grabbing some ice cream and going home to watch the Bounty Hunter.
Saturday we went to the Outlet mall, grocery shopped, grabbed dinner at a local Mexican food place and then watched The Bannen Way - which I must recommend that everyone go out and rent, your local Redbox should have a copy.
Sunday we hung low, went to the pool, napped, and cooked the meal I had been dying for all weekend - Shrimp Boil on a stick. It was so good and so relaxing to just sit around and enjoy a meal on the patio.
It was a great weekend with my two favorites - Riley and Jas.

Jul 23, 2010


I think like a lot people I'm ready for a weekend - I'm ready for a few days of relaxing.
This weekend, the plans:
I'm meeting a good friend for lunch today, and getting the oil changed in my car.
Saturday hoping to get down to the outlets for a little shopping. My closet is in serious need of some new business slacks. I'm hoping to of course get some pool time in.

Sunday is going to Funday. I'm planning on starting a new book and fixing Shrimp Boil on a Stick.
Overall I'm really just hoping to balance things out this weekend and enjoy a few days away and disconnected.
Wishing you a lovely weekend too - one free of worries and full of adventures.

Jul 22, 2010

Just what I needed...

After a very long week, this is exactly what I needed to see this evening as I decompressed.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Blue birds fly
And dreams that are dreamed of
dreams really do come true
Someday I'll wish upon a star
Wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where trouble melts like lemon drops...

Weekend Wrap-Up (a few days late...)

Last weekend I didn't pull my camera out once...

On Friday night we grabbed dinner at Bombay Bowl and settled in at home so I could finish up on my Blurb albums (promise a full post on this to come).

Saturday we ran a few errands, lounged at the pool, and made our way up to Blackhawk to dine on crab legs and pull the handle on the slots a few times.

Sunday was a day of celebration. My mother-in-law turned 60 on Saturday, and they had a big party for her at their house. We BBQed and chatted with family and friends, while watching the little ones play baseball. I'm sure we were asked about 2 dozen times when we would be adding to the bunch of rug rats - seriously the pressure is on from the family, but no plans for that yet.

Lilith Fair 2010

Last week on the the 13th - Lauren and I headed to Lilith Fair. We took advantage of a $10 ticket offer (no fees even) to site on the lawn and arranged with our companies to leave work early.

We took advantage of all of the booths giving away free stuff, and watched some of the side stage acts.
Then we nabbed our place on the lawn to catch Ingrid Michaelson.
There was a couple in front of us that danced the afternoon away! A few other people would join their fun every once and while.
By the time that Sarah McLachlan came on they were fast asleep on their blankets - even had pillows. Maybe they enjoy concerts this way often?

Jul 18, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up (a week late)

So last weekend...not the weekend currently in the works...we lived it up.

Friday was my glorious day off - and it was much needed after a few long days with extra hours. I soaked up the sun at the pool (yes, this has become a theme of my summer) and then took the little dog for a haircut - or as I like to call it a trip to the doggie spa. I've also been working a lot on my photo albums on Blurb and organizing the other photos in folders. I'm crossing my fingers that I get an external hard drive for my birthday so I can rest easy that the photos are all backed up in one place.

Saturday we hung at the pool and then went to visit my parents for some BBQ ribs. I love my dad's cooking. It was a nice evening to sit and catch up.

On Sunday both J & I, as well as the families, met at the Rockies game for a day at the park. The Rockies had been on a winning streak but of course lost that afternoon. We still enjoyed the game, some beers, a hot dog and some ice cream.

Jul 16, 2010

Finally Friday

I ow this little blog a few things - a Weekend Wrap-up from last weekend, a post on Lilith Fair and maybe a few extra photos thrown in.

I'm glad the weekend is just around the corner, I'm really looking forward to a little R&R and some celebration.

Next week, I promise to have a few extra posts on topics besides the weekend, until then lovelies may the sun shine brightly and shady tree provide you a cool spot to rest.

Jul 7, 2010

Weekend Recap #3: Glenhaven

On Sunday we drove up to Glenhaven to celebrate the Fourth with some of Jason's family friends. They have a cabin right on the river and we were able to take a walk-about taking in the beauty of the mountains. We braved the bridge crossing the river, and no one fell in.

They also have a mini-mountain called "Pig Mountain" that Jason hiked to the top of.

We ate great BBQ and homemade ice cream. It rained the entire way home, so we just came back home and listened to the thunder. The lightening made for an even better show than any fireworks.

We rounded the weekend out on Monday with another dip at the pool and a great meal on the grill. I just love three day weekends with J.

Jul 6, 2010

Weekend Recap Part #2: Flea, Dogs, Pool & Fireworks

We left off on Friday evening where we enjoyed our first Pinkberry experience.

On Saturday, I woke early to meet my train friends at the Paris Street Market at Aspen Grove. We got there at 7:30 and there were already people leaving with their finds. I found two vintage cameras to add to my collection.

After that I headed home to wake J up and get ready to head to Steve's Snappin' Dogs. Their hot dogs are some of the best in the city. We both got the Chicago Dogs, split a fry and a sipped on some lemonade.

We drove straight to the pool after Steve's and soaked up the sun. The swim team was having a party which included a canon ball contest. It was fun watching the different age brackets as they splashed for prizes. There was also a greased watermelon contest, which I had never heard of, but included on greased watermelon being dumped in the pool and all the kids trying to be the first to fish it out.

Saturday evening we headed to the town of Parker's Fourth of July celebration on the 3rd of July. There was a brass band, thousands of people and one great fireworks display. I enjoyed watching a group of young boys setting off their own fireworks before the show as they all stood around the firecracker jumping and screaming with each burst. Reminded me a lot of my own childhood where we set fireworks off from the front yard.

We crashed after getting home, it took awhile to get out of the parking lot. But, we were ready for to rest up for another day of weekend enjoyment.

Jul 5, 2010

Weekend Recap Part #1: Pinkberry

So not really sure how many posts it will take to get through the weekend, but I guess that just means this weekend was well lived and full of fun.

Friday afternoon J and I both got out of work early and started into the weekend. We went to Rubio's for fish tacos followed by checking out Pinkberry. This is the first Pinkberry in Colorado, and the line shows you how excited people are to get a taste of the frozen yogurt.

I really like that you can mix flavors, I went for a small yogurt with Coconut, Orignal and Watermelon. Topped with some berries. It was so good and I can't wait to go back.
We also stopped at Barnes and Noble were I browsed some photography books.
Overall it was a great Friday afternoon. Now onto the meat of the weekend!

Jul 2, 2010

Here Comes the Sun...

The weekend is just hours aways. 3-days of sun, splash and summer.

Last night went out with some friends to see Eclipse and have dinner. It was a good movie, good food and great laughs.

This weekend, the main goal is to get out and play with the camera. Expect next week to be several days of photo-heavy posts.

Until then, have a safe & happy 4th of July!