Aug 31, 2010

From Around the Web

I've seen two blog posts that just are speaking to me today.

The first was on Geek in Heels and was of a shirt on Threadless that I just have to buy! It is the camera geek in me.

The next over on Claremont Road there was a post on theme parties.
I'm dying to host the following parties: Mixed Brew Party & Swap Party, I just need to decide when and who to invite.

Bringing Back Canning

Every year (well except maybe last year) all of J's family gets together to make salsa by the bucket - literally. This year we had the joy of having some family in from out of state to also help in the fun. It takes all day, and by the end of the day you have eaten enough chips and salsa to feed an army.

We start by blanching and peeling bushels of tomatoes.

By washing and seeding peppers.

By cleaning the herbs.

And, chopping the garlic.

Then everything gets chopped a little more finely.

Before it is finally dumped in a bucket to be mixed with spices. Don't worry, the buckets are clean.

The whole family joins in mixing the salsa.

Finally, all of the jars are sterilized, the salsa is cooked, and then comes the canning and the processing.

More and more canning.

The jars process to seal.

Then we have jars and jars and jars and more jars of salsa to last the entire family through the year. We eat salsa at every get together from Christmas to football games to drinks in the summer on the porch.

We are going to pickle in 2 weeks. Any one else taken up the art of canning?

Aug 30, 2010

We'll Drink Big Whiskey While We Dance & Sing

The weekend was a much needed break from the everyday. My goal for 2 days was to simply cherish family and the time we were spending together regardless of the activity.

Saturday morning J & I headed to my parents house where we decided to go on the Stranahan's whiskey tour. We headed out for lunch at Tocabe - I just love their fry bread, and then went on the whiskey tour.

I had never really drank whiskey, and after the tour I probably don't intend to drink it again. It just wasn't for me.

We went back to my parent's house, lounged around and caught up and then had a family dinner of BBQ ribs.

After heading back to our house, J & I rested in order to prepare for the salsa madness that Sunday would entail.

Aug 27, 2010

Enjoying the moment

Yesterday I took the day off to cherish family. My cousin Karen is in town from California and spending time with her just makes you feel good down to your core.

I started the morning yesterday by sleeping in until 7 - I must tell you that 7 may be early to some, but what a difference it is compared to 4:45 like most days. After unwrapping a few special gifts from my cousin and from her dear friend Ruth (I'll post details on these later), we headed out for the day to do some antique shopping, have lunch and browse through Kohl's. We got home just in time for Jason to join us for a big dinner a couple glasses of wine. It was such a wonderful refreshing day to just be family.

My mom and Karen grew up spending all of their summers together, and just about any other time they could squeeze in. They are the bestest of friends:

My mom & Karen

Aug 25, 2010

Today is the Day...

I'm always looking for ways to bring more positivity to things around me, especially when there is so much that is always trying to bring you down. Lately I've just felt stressed, drained and pulled to far from the point of balance.

While traveling a few weeks back for work, I visited our client's gift shop and saw these perfect magnets where you switch out the affirmation on a weekly basis. I knew I had to bring one home with me - it was calling out to me.

There are 53 different affirmations, everything from "Feel Alive" to "Seek out the Good". My goal is to switch it out each week and make that my personal focus for a few days.

This week I started with one that was really fitting "Cherish family." J and I both have family in town this week and will be spending a lot of time with our families over the next few days. I'm hoping to really cherish the time and allow it to re-energize my internal batteries.

The box reads: "Somewhere in your home or office, let there be one beautiful object, a little island of inspiration that will feed your spirit all year long. Let it remind you that every day is your day, that right now is a good time, and that happiness is always in your hands. Treasure each day and treasure yourself..."

So here goes a year of seizing the moment. I'll try to share the affirmation each week that I've selected and maybe you can even be inspired and reminded that your happiness is your hands too.

Aug 23, 2010

A Weekend Nap Recap

The weekend was full...full of napping and relaxing.

On Friday I had to run a few errands, Costco and such, and made a little stop at Vera Bradley to do a little birthday shopping. I brought home this little beauty:

Then after that I came home and napped, cooked dinner and just relaxed.

On Saturday J went golfing while I visited with the folks. After coming home I napped until J got home. We cooked up some dinner and spent the evening watching the Broncos.

Sunday we met J's parents for lunch in Northfield to celebrate my birthday. J makes fun of me and says my birthday is a never-ending celebration - he is right. His parents gave me a another beautiful Vera bag. It was a great surprise. My cousin Allison would make fun of me and say that "if it looks like a quilt don't buy it" and maybe Vera bags have been around for awhile now - heck I've had one for going on 10 years now, but I think they are great carry all bags.

After lunch we came home and guess, I took a nap!

I woke this morning feeling rested and ready to return to the grind.

Aug 17, 2010

Mile High Music Festival - Day 2

The morning of day 2 I woke up feeling like I had just spent 12 hours in the sun. My body was tired, but after some b-fast and a little lazin' around we were ready for more fest.

We met up with our friends again and picked out some great seats for Dave. Day 2 was much hotter than Day 1 temp wise and we were feeling the sun. We didn't hit as many shows, but that was ok in the end. We started off with a little of Danielle Ate the Sandwich, followed by Drive by Truckers, listening to Matt Morris from a distance, then Jimmy Cliff (which I really enjoyed), My Morning Jacket and then of course Dave!

More J & J time remembering all the shows of their past.

Me trying to avoid the sun.

Jimmy Cliff.

J & I.

My Morning Jacket.

Dave Matthews Band.

It was a great year at Mile High Music Festival. But, I can probably be done and say I've checked a music festival off my list of life.

Aug 16, 2010

Mile High Music Festival - Day 1

Another great weekend, another tired Monday.

We survived Mile High Music Festival 2010, but I must say that festivals may not really be my thing. The crowds, the smoke, the heat, the port-o-potties... Anyway, all things aside we really enjoyed this year's line-up.

So a little recap of Day 1.

We started the day with One Eskimo in the sun at the side stage, followed by Amos Lee (seen below) in a tent, then we darted to see The Samples back in the sun. The Samples were not someone high on my list to see, but I really really enjoyed their show. It was fun to see a band that J has loved for so long. After that we went back to a tent for Rusted Root. We were finally ready to eat and headed for the food tents. After that we went back to the tents for Keane and then made our way to the main stage for Steve Miller Band and Jack Johnson.
J & I - no it wasn't sweat on his shoulders, he had a wet towel around his neck.

J & J reliving their glory days filled with concerts (all of that BW, Before Wives).

A little Jack Johnson.

A little more Jack Johnson.

And even more Jack Johnson.

I really enjoyed Day 1, but I don't think I will ever need to go see Jack again in concert. It pains me to say that because he is one of my favs, but his live show just lacks something. Don't really know how to say it, but it really just sounds like me and 40,000 other people are all just listening to the CD in the dark with some video coverage. He doesn't command the stage the way some artists do. Anyway, that aside, it was wonderful.

Stay tuned for a recap of Day 2.

Aug 14, 2010

Little Rock was a Rockin' Good Time

Last week I took a trip for work down to Little Rock for a few days of client meetings. The trip was such a good time, not only the experience, but it was also a very productive few days work wise.

On Wednesday night after getting in we went to The Flying Fish for dinner where I had the best Poor Boy sandwich. It was just so truly southern.

What cracked me up was that The Flying Fish had a "Billy Bass Adoption Center" with hundreds of Billy Bass attached to the wall. If you bring your Billy Bass in you get a free order of catfish.

After dinner we walked around the River Walk. Mind you, the heat index was right around 115. Little Rock was in a heat wave, and the air was so thick. I'm used to coastal humidity from visiting my grandparents growing up, but this was nothing like that. To top it off, there was a movie in the park and all these people were sitting outside in the heat watching a movie. In Colorado we would do that and have blankets and light jackets.
A few more pictures from the trip:

I really liked Little Rock, the people were so friendly and it felt like it still had some of that "small-town" feel. The flights on the other hand weren't as enjoyable, but I still made it back in time to head out with J for the weekend of celebration.
I feel like I'm semi-caught up now with blogging the events of August. How quickly this month is already going.

Aug 13, 2010

Weekend of Celebration Day 3, The Drive Home

All good things must come to an end, but we were determined to live it up until the very last second. We got up on my birthday morning and again enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at the hotel. We loaded up the car and made it to a few fruit stands. Palisade is known for there peaches and we wanted to make sure we were taking a few home with us. We also stopped at two last wineries.

Then after leaving town we drove up the Mesa stopping to a take a few photos, before we commited to the 4+ hour drive back home.
It was the perfect birthday weekend full of beauty and life. I love little adventues and can't wait to start planning the next weekend getaway. Any suggestions on where to go?

Aug 11, 2010

Weekend of Celebration Day 2, Part 2

In the afternoon we were met by our river guide Rondo for the start of our river float adventure.

The river is pretty murky, but it is so peaceful and relaxing. We floated along, enjoyed a cocktail and heard stories of surrounding mountains.

Along the way, Jason and I got out into the river and just floated like we were on a lazy river ride. Although the water looks so calm it really was a very strong flow.

I asked along the way if we would see any wildlife and sure enough near the end of the trip we passed a bald eagle perched along the river bank cliff.

Along on the trip was Leif from the Palisade Chamber of Commerce and his dog Flicka. I just loved Flicka dog - just look at that pup in the ducky boat.
If you are ever on the Western Slope and interested in a river float trip I can't recommend Rondo at Palisade Wine Country River Trips enough. He provided such a great time.
Look for tomorrow's post to wrap up our weekend of celebration!