Apr 29, 2008

This I want to Try

I want to try and plant some violets in a teapot to decorate my spare room... Love it!

Pour me another

There is something about Starbucks that just makes my day start off sweetly. When I walk into the store, either on the way to the office from the train station, or when stopping in on my drive to work, the world just seems perkier.
I feel so much happier after a grande white mocha. But, as I started to ponder this wishful feeling, I wondered if maybe the drug in the cup is just like those who use drugs in other forms. But yet, you would think tea or soda would create the same feeling, or a cup of joe even from the office coffee pot, yet nothing does.
I limit myself to only one stop a week, however that is more so my bank statement doesn't just read Starbucks, Starbucks, Starbucks....
Oh the simple pleasures of life, coffee...

Apr 28, 2008

How Clean

I saw this in an email and liked it. I know that parking stripe advertisements and the like have been around awhile, but this is very fitting to the space...

The weekend is a part of the week usually lasting two days

The weekend was fab.

Friday headed home a little early, did some BBQing, and then ran some errands looking for a new couch. Which the whole couch thing is harder than I thought. I need a small framed white couch for my guest bedroom, and I don't want to pay more than a few hundred for it.

Saturday morning headed to Boulder to hit the Boulder Farmer' Market (takes to Lauren for the idea, I didn't think they were open yet). I got some great mushrooms that I had with dinner last night, and some great dipping sauces. Then we shopped on Pearl Street and visited the most beautiful antique jewelry store, I want one of everything there! Finally we had lunch at The Sink on the Hill. We also made a few other stops on the way back to Denver to look for some camping supplies. Then headed to my parents house for dinner and so I could pick up some a few pieces of artwork that I had been storing over there.

Sunday included the typical grocery store adventure and then headed to REI to do some more camping supply shopping. We got some head lamps, a camping book, I got a new "safe" water bottle after all the Nalgene clear bottles were removed from the market for toxins being released. Then made our way to Jason's parents house so that I could help his mom with a scrapbook. Seems like we are all over town the past couple weekends hitting up the parents house. Then we came back to my house and BBQ up some steaks, cooked the already mentioned mushrooms and had twice baked potatoes.

Now we are back to Monday.

Apr 24, 2008

Cut me Off

I have had happy hours for the past two days, just call me a party animal. I do really love my job, how many people get to enjoy their coworker's company, have some aps and some drinks while talking about the next and greatest idea?!

Sometimes I feel I get on a roll and begin running my mouth when I really should just stop and not say a word. Simply sit back and allow the conversation to roll on without my input, my voice and my thoughts, needs, etc.

It was good to see everyone at Slattery's last night in the DTC. I wish Amanda all the best in all her adventures ahead! She has the whole world at her finger tips and it is her's to take advantage of.

Apr 23, 2008

Half-way Through The Week

Already Wednesday! Tonight I will be leaving work a little early to make it to a Happy Hour for an old coworker who is getting a great promotion. Congrats Ricky!

A little shout out to work as we have been named one of the nation's top interactive agencies in BtoB's 2008 Top Agencies Special Report. We have also added 3 more people to the staff, which is always exciting as we continue to grow.

This weekend I'm hoping to finally tackle some long put off spring cleaning chores. The list always seems to get longer before it gets shorter. I also want to do a little more shopping at Cost Plus World Market, as if I haven't been there enough lately, but I have a great coupon.

Not sure who will get kicked off of Idol tonight. I was really disappointed with both Brooke and Jason - who have been my favorites in the past.

I guess I don't really have much else to post about today.

Apr 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

Apr 21, 2008

Weekend Warrior

This weekend I tried to pack as much in as possible.

Friday the office closed at 3 and we all went to Via to enjoy some food and drink. Love the bread pudding there! Fab! Then I headed home and Jason and I went and tried a new restaurant that opened up right by my house, The Dusty Boot. I just had a side house salad since I had eaten a heavy share of happy hour foods at Via. We then rented Juno and I must say I thought it was a very clever movie and I really enjoyed it.

Saturday started early with lots of errands, including picking up paint at Home Depot for my bathroom. We stopped by my parents house for lunch and then as soon as we walked back into my door I started in on painting. I took a quick break to drop Jason off at the light rail so he could watch the Avs beat the Wild at Pepsi Center. The bathroom turned out great, with a new paint color, new shower curtain, new towels (which I can't find online to show a picture of - but they were from Cost Plus World Market - love that place) and a few new accessories. Love the way it turned out - just makes me want to freshen the rest of the house up. After the painting ended I watched No Reservations, which was cute, but nothing earth-moving.

Sunday work up and hit the grocery store, and then watched the movie Waitress, which again was cute but not earth-moving. Then Jason and I headed to his parents house for his birthday dinner and enjoyed the beautiful weather while BBQing.

All in all it was a great weekend!

Apr 18, 2008

The Dish

On Tuesday morning, we boarded a Frontier plane (with Bob the bottled nose dolphin - Flip's cousin - on the tail and wings). We landed in beautiful Mexico with the weather just perfect, a near 90 degree day with a slight ocean breeze. After checking into the hotel we tore open our suitcases to find our flip flops, headed to the bar for a drink and made our way to the ocean!

Wednesday we went on a 2-reef snorkeling trip. After a twenty minute boat ride we had made it to the national park under water. The reef was so beautiful with plenty of sea life. The fish would swim right up and through the snorkel group. Jason got a little ill while at that reef, and decided once we got back on the boat to go to reef #2 it was best he just lay down and pray that he would live to see the shore again. The 2nd reef wasn't that great and I thought it almost looked dead - so I guess he didn't miss much because he was sick. (Side note, many other people on the trip skipped reef #2 because they weren't feeling well either, and on the boat ride back to dock I started to feel pretty green myself.)

The next day we made out way into town and did a little site seeing and shopping. We also had lunch at Senior Frogs - which was one of the few decent meals we ate in Mexico. It was the first time I had been to a Senior Frogs and talk about an experience. I enjoyed a Sprite and tried to rehydrate myself while watching everyone else enjoy the shots and yard drinks. The food at our resort was down right horrible! The rest of the trip we spent lounging by the pool, dipping into the ocean and wiggling our toes in the sand.

Friday while we were there, Jason turned 30! It was a pretty low key birthday, but I can't really imagine a better way to spend it than on a tropical vacation.

Saturday we made our way back to Denver, and I tried to pretend that my sore throat could be cured by cough drops and hot tea. It was a great trip, and I can't wait for the next vacation.

Apr 15, 2008

Sneak Preview

Apr 14, 2008

The Dangly Thing is Gagging Me

I of course have so much to write about Mexico, yes - I just got back from Cozumel for those I didn't tell before I left, however I am going to wait to blog about the vacation until after I recover from the sickness that invaded my body. I have strep, even though I had my tonsils removed when I was in first grade, they have grown back enough to be able to catch that little bug and get all inflamed.

I always thought the idea of working from home sounded so glamorous until I had to do it today. The doctor has said no human contact for the next 48 hours so I don't get everyone else infected. Anyway, I had so been looking forward to catching up with my friends and coworkers, and instead I'm at home hammering away on a couple things in the silent house instead of the fun and crazy work environment.

The dog thinks the world has turned upside down. She spent the last week with my parents while I was away and now I am home with her and she just doesn't get why we aren't outside on the beautiful sunny spring day that today has turned out to be.

Look forward to pictures and details of the trip tomorrow or the day after.

Apr 7, 2008

A Seattle Kind of Day

Seems spring is a long way off. This morning the weather is again rainy - on the verge of possibly snowing should the temp drop any. I wore a pair of flip-flops as I drove in this morning (had to be in way to early to think about trying to make it to the train station before 6 AM!

It was a great weekend. Friday night, a bunch of us girls went to the concert that I had mentioned in previous posts. Before dinner we dined at Tommy's Thai. It was such good food - although I will say that the green tea ice cream left more to be desired (even though I ate my own scoop and then ate Megan's scoop - I had a tea buzz going by the time the concert started). I loved Meiko! Who started the show off. Even bought her CD off of itunes this weekend, it was only $5.99! The concert went really late, and I must say the only down side to the show was Jim Bianco. I don't really know what he was trying to accomplish on stage, he had a freak like, creepy nature thing going on, and insisted on throwing glitter several times during his performances.
Here is a picture of all of girls - except Brooke who was standing on the far left of the picture and the guy taking it accidentally cut her out:Saturday, I slept in until 9AM which is a rare thing for me. Then ran several errands. In the late afternoon I met up with Courtney, a high school friend, and we went for mani-pedis. The mani was pretty, uh, bad, but the pedi was great. Then we grabbed some dinner and basically caught up. She will be headed to Washington state in a few months to begin her career in law. She is a smart cookie and I always enjoy chatting with her. I am so thankful for the friendship I forged with her as a result of so many of life's rocky road.

Sunday I woke early, and ran to Walmart to pick up a couple things I needed. Then came home, cleaned house some, took a nice nap, and then cooked dinner, and relaxed the rest of the evening.

Of course Sunday rolls into Monday and here I am trying to get everything for the week of reporting taken care of. The early mornings in my office are so nice as the office is silent and still. Here is to hoping I can get everything crossed off the list today!

Apr 4, 2008

Laughing the in the Purple Rain

The Rockies home opener is today at 1:00 at Coors Field. Funny that I make my way into work, a little later than normal, around 8:20 PM and tailgaters are already out in full force. The radio stations are having an all out war on who can plaster the most signs, banners, tents, stickers across 20th - like they really even cared about the team until late last September.

I'm excited to be downtown today, to be part of the American tradition of baseball even if I won't be in the stands for the game - to still witness the mad house Lodo will be. The weather should be about 60 degrees around the time of the 1st pitch. What a great day!

Apr 3, 2008

A Gloomy Morning

It is a cloudy April morning - the kind I really love, that make me enjoy life, enjoy my coffee, and just feel warm inside even though it is cold and rainy outside.

Tomorrow night I will be going to The Hotel Cafe Tour featuring Ingrid Michaelson among other great up-and-coming artists at the Bluebird Theatre. I'm really excited. A bunch of us girls from work will be going and grabbing some Thai food before the show.

The weekend is almost here, I can smell it. We will be celebrating Jason's 30th birthday with my parents and grabbing some food. Can't believe 30 is already here for him.

I bought my plane tickets for California yesterday, only $187 to fly round-trip to San Jose! It is for Allison's college graduation, and a little time in San Fran and doing some winery tours.

Apr 2, 2008

Oh Crap

At work they just installed locks on the bathroom doors, and there is one key for the bathroom on my floor and I think someone just lost it - they just installed the locks late yesterday afternoon. I feel like I'm back in high school where you have to ask for a pass to go to the restroom.

It is for our own security the building management says. I guess, rumor has it, there have been a lot of unwelcomed guests in the building using our showers. Our building is across the street from Coors Field, so a busy area for all types of people all hours of the day.

So I'm sitting here, legs crossed, hoping that someone returns the key soon so I can use the restroom before the day is over.

Help a sister out

I am beginning to hunt around the perfect budgeting sheet. I have checked out mint and I just can be that committed. I want a quick and dirty, plug and play type of worksheet. Does anyone know where I can find a good finance sheet?

Apr 1, 2008

Don't be a Fool

Watch out for April Fool's jokes, I know there are some pranksters in my office running wild today! Anyone had a joke played on you so far today, or played any jokes on people you hold dear?