Aug 26, 2008

Go Nachos

Today's spottings did not include any potential VP's but did include Shannon and I being caught on camera grabbing up free shirts from Qdoba.

Should have more to report tomorrow, as Sean B from our office ventures to the Hilary speech tonight at Pepsi Center. I'm sure he will have lots of famous people sightings!

Aug 25, 2008

A few photos of Day #1

Joe Biden at Boney's
Joe's head is in red:
Some characters and Sean B (who took all the photos - gotta love the iPhone)

This is how we roll, Swat team protecting the streets:
I write this as I hear the helicopters swirling above the office.

The DNC Sites - Or People Watching!

DNC Sighting #1: Joe Biden getting some good 'ol BBQ at Boney's on 16th Street Mall with his wife (and about 20 security folks).

Action Packed

The weekend was a blur of madness and fun.

Friday night started early with getting off at 3:30. Jason and I grubbed on some Wahoo's and did some massive shopping stopping Cost Plus World Market, Michael's, Party City, Lukas Liquors, Costco and then finally King Soopers. On Saturday I was throwing a bridal shower for Rosemary and Shannon (some fab ladies from the office) so I had a lot of prep work. I made some great german chocolate cake bites on Friday night and finally crawled to bed tired at about midnight. Jason so kindly cleaned up my chocolate covered kitchen - there should be pictures, but it looked like I dipped the stove in bark, instead of the cake bites.

Saturday I was up at the crack of dawn slicing, baking, cutting, boiling, and making some fantastic salads, deserts and the like. Lauren came over early to help with last minute prep. The girls from the office got there around 1:00 and it was so nice to have everyone over to help the brides celebrate their upcoming weddings. We played a nice game of Bridal style family fued with prizes to be had. Ate lots of food and gabbed for awhile. After everyone left I hate to admit it but I fell asleep on the couch and woke only to eat dinner and then slept the remainder of the night waking on Sunday well after eight. I probably slept a good 14 hours.

Sunday we headed to Kaladi Brothers for some coffee, made a couple other stops to pick up the dog from my parents, and then I cleaned the house after the big party and we went to see The House Bunny and it was pretty cheesy cute.

Looking forward to a crazy week of DNC madness in the city, and then a 3-day weekend to rejoice in.

Aug 18, 2008

I'd hate to be a pony on the highway, but...

Even more I'd hate to be a pony on the airplane. Did you know that the horses fly to Olympics? I have always thought it must be a crazy ride in a horse trailer, but can you imagine a horse flying in Boeing 747 (the only aircraft that their crates fit in to)?

And, did you know that the reason the horse-related events are not taking place in Beijing, but in Hong Kong, is because the air quality and safety of the horses could not be guaranteed. And, did you know that most of the horses left their countries about a month before the Olympics started so they could pass quarantine.

Thought I would share what I learned about the ponies in the Olympics with you all.

To Hold You Over

So the weekend report is coming, just a little slow in getting motivated to blog today.

In the meantime, saw this on Jen's blog and had to share.


So go ahead and Yearbook Yourself - you'll get a kick out of it!

Aug 14, 2008

Today's Inspiration

Aug 12, 2008

3-Day Weekend Celebration

Oh my what a weekend.

Friday started off with a half day of work then some spa time with mom getting the toes and fingers pampered. Then Jason and I ordered some great Chinese food, plopped in front of the TV and took in the opening ceremonies of the Beijing games. I do love me some Olympics.

Saturday, my birthday, I woke up excited for the fun of the day. We made our way down to Colorado Springs to go to Olympic training center (which the lady at the spa made fun of me for wanting to go there), but I really enjoyed the tour. We also did some shopping in Old Colorado City and went to Garden of the Gods. We had dinner plans at 8 Rivers, which 5280 had highly recommended. No shame to Jason, but I really did not enjoy the place. It was tiny, which would have made for a great intimate place to dine, but the service wasn't great, and the food was just average. Next time, I will hold out for some Cuba Cuba or Zengo's.

Sunday was a relaxing morning of more Olympic coverage and then we did a little shopping at the mall and the scrapbook store and met up with my parents for dinner. We went to Southlands and ate at McCabe's Irish Bistro & Pub. The menu was rather large but the service was HORRIBLE. There was only one other table in our section and it took over an hour from when we got there and ordered to when we got our food. Plus they were out of certain items that were supposed to come with our meal, and did not inform us prior to us pointing it out, at which we the server so kindly said "What is the problem, what do you need?" Needless to say, we won't be going back there either.

Yesterday I had taken the day off to enjoy a nice long weekend. We had talked about going to WaterWorld but decided to just hang low. We did go to the pool, which is a first for the year. It was so nice to just lay out and read a good celebrity trash magazine. I ended up doing some more painting in my house, painting the hallway. Now the only walls left to repaint is my bedroom and master bath and the entire place would have seen new paint. Then I cooked up a mean lagasna. Lauren and Andrew came over to watch some Olympic coverage of Andrew's father, who works with the men's volleyball team. We ate some fab brownies with ice cream (which I'm still dreaming about it was that tasty).

Now deep into the busy work week, ready for a weekend of more celebrations for Kristin's birthday and house warming party!

Aug 8, 2008

Love my job.

My coworkers surprised me with some birthday treats today:

(please note I am wearing the flashing Birthday Girl button with pride)

Aug 7, 2008

Because I love my dog...

A few more photos from our day with Denver Dog Photography.

I've been Googed

Yesterday we had training at the Google office (otherwise known as the Double Click office) in Thornton. The training session was great, and the food was even better. As most people know the perks for working for Google are great - they feed you, take care of you and value your work. Well since we were there for training we got to dig in and grub with the rest of the staff. The spread was pretty darn great - a nice salad bar, baked trout, roasted pork loin, fab soups, and don't get me started on the desert bar, or other snacks around the office. I think that this mastermind company is on to something.
They feed you so they don't lose as much productivity with employees leaving for lunch, but heck, with that kind of food who would want to leave?!

Almost time for birthday weekend celebrations to being! Count down is on to only half-day work day tomorrow.

Aug 4, 2008

Monday Morning

The weekend always slips by so fast, the work week is always around the corner. I must say I am still loving my dog photos and can't get enough of looking at how perfectly Claire captured little Riley.

Saturday I did indeed make it to the Paris Flea Market as planned out at Aspen Grove. I didn't end up purchasing anything, but it was fun to browse the aisles looking at all the treasures for sale. I also took a two hour nap because I think that is the only thing your body really wants to do when it is 100+ degrees outside.

Sunday of course had the weekly errands of grocery shopping and hitting up Target. I then finally got around to painting the last wall of my living room/kitchen. This task has been on the to-do list since last year, so it felt so good to cross that line off. I thought I lost my to-do list yesterday which put me in a panic because I knew how great it would feel to cross that painting chore off, but I finally found the list and crossed that bad boy off.

I'm embarking on my last week of being 24! Birthday is coming up on Saturday and right now I have no real plans but to take a half day on Friday, and take Monday off. Hopefully there will be some good food, good company and good celebration in store. As always, I think this time of year brings a lot of reflection for me, of what I want to accomplish, plan to do, and desire not to do. In some ways I feel birthdays are a better time for resolutions than New Year's. I think my reflection and planning this time of year also stems from 18+ years of school. You know you had to make goals in some classes, and you always set out to stay caught up on reading, and wanted to get those straight A's. I made plans and knew what I wanted to achieve each school year, which always seemed to be starting right around my birthday, so there has always been lots of room for resolutions during the month of August.

Cross your fingers for a quick and smooth week.

Aug 2, 2008

Sneak Peak

I'm a proud dog mom. With the help of Claire at Denver Dog Photography, Riley's spirit has been captured perfectly. Claire took Riley and Mollie's doggie photos on Wednesday night and sent me the images yesterday afternoon. Her work is AMAZING. I was so impressed with every image she posted. I highly recommend her for all your pup picture needs! I can't wait to get the photos printed and am debating doing a Blurb book. Any one out there with Blurb experience?

Here are just a few of the pictures Claire took I have fallen in love with (I must admit I have looked at every photo about a dozen times):

Aug 1, 2008

What's up this Weekend

Yes - I'm going to the Paris Flea Market and can't wait. Jason will be golfing and I will be shopping - gosh we have this relationship thing down!