Jun 30, 2008

Short Week Ahead

Another weekend, another dollar spent...or something like that.

Friday the office closed a little early and I was able to get home before the rush hour traffic hit too hard. Jason and I grabbed dinner and then went to driving range, while I headed home to get some R&R.

Saturday, Jason was up early for golf with the guys, while I got up and got some house cleaning done, basically before the sun rise. Then I headed to Castle Rock to help Kristin with painting her new house. On my way back up, I stopped at the mall and grabbed a couple things, then headed to the parents house for a late lunch and to pick up some things I had had waiting for me there. Finally I made it back to my house and began painting a book case exactly like the one I have posted about before. Jas and I grabbed some Mark Pi's and I loved it! Great Pad Thai, which I ate for lunch on Sunday and even have some left for lunch today.

Sunday was another fun filled day of house work. I cleaned out the entire closet, which was beyond bad, and put together 2 trash bags of donations. I wish I could have given up more, but for some reason I have bad attachments to material things. I'm working on it. I cooked a mean batch of BBQ pulled pork for dinner. Can't wait to eat leftovers tonight!

Looking forward to a 3-day weekend this coming weekend, although I don't know what we will be doing for the 4th.

Jun 23, 2008

Alarming Weekend

Friday started off after a long week of long hours at work with dinner with Jason's friends. It was a nice evening, although speckled with some rough news - that in the end I pray everything will be well, be right and be quick.

Saturday was a day of rest. Jason and I headed to Kristin's new house - and boy does that girl have her work cut out for her. Lots of painting - but the payoff will be so fabulous. I can't wait to see it once she moves in. Congrats again. Then we ran some errands, including going the Lone Tree farmer's market - what a let down!!! That place was horrible. Then I took a nice long nap before cooking up a storm of surf and turf for dinner.

Yesterday we headed out to the res on the canoe and paddled around for awhile. Then I cleaned house a little and relaxed some more. Things got a little wild around 6:30 when Jason tried to change the battery to smoke detector which is actually hard wired to the building (who knew?) and tugged a little too hard on the thing and set off the alarms for the ENTIRE building! Oops, but the fire department never came, so I don't know what triggers them to come out.

Back to Monday morning.

Jun 17, 2008

Every Dog Has It's Day

Thanks to Lauren for passing along the following sites.

I love dog art. I love the cards that Jen designed, I love the hand painted custom works that I have yet to purchase but see frequently, and today I have grown a love for dog photography. Why have I never thought to look this up???

Check out Erin Vey and her very beautiful work. There isn't a single photo on her site and blog that doesn't evoke emotion. She is located in Seattle, and although she travel, something tell me the budget can't handle flying her out right now.

But, don't worry, Denver has its dog photographer.

Jun 16, 2008

Forgot to mention

This weekend I also found a great etsy store with very cute prints. They were running a buy one get one free special and I was just taken with the "So Very Happy" piece and "Love is Everything." I can't wait to get them in the mail and get them framed!

Hey Big Spender

This weekend was jam packed with about 100 things that happened and another 100 things that I didn't get to do.

Friday afternoon started a off nice, as we the office closed a tad early. I met Jason and went to a happy hour for a coworker of his that just got a new job and was celebrating her last day! We then grabbed dinner and I got my mom's birthday present and dad's father's day present wrapped. Saturday I was up early doing a little cooking of some fine deviled eggs for the ping pong tournament party that afternoon. Jason and I made a quick downtown to do a little window shopping. Then headed to the party at Lauren's house! It was a great shin-dig, with some good food and some super fun ping pong. Let me tell you, my coworkers are some serious ping pong players. After the party Jason and I headed to my parents house for dinner to celebrate birthdays and father's day. Sunday again was packed. I went to Crate and Barrel for their big sale, and got a set of dessert plates I had my eye on (sorry the picture isn't on their site), got a couple of glass of pitchers (which I had spied at Lauren's house and loved) and finally got a few new glasses that were on super sale. I also hit up Target for a few other summer entertaining supplies. Then I took the car to Waterway for a wash inside and out. I felt I should have tipped the poor boy who cleaned the inside more than a few bucks as it was NASTY. Finally I headed up to Brighton to celebrate father's day with Jason's family.

Now back in full force on a Monday morning.

Jun 10, 2008

A Gift For Myself

I have posted about the fabulous Jen, and promised to return to that post. Well above is her custom stationary creation of my Rye dog. I am just in love with it and can't wait to get my hot little hands on the delivery in the mail. I highly recommend anyone who is in need of a custom card, stationary, invite, etc to reach out to her. And one of my favorite things about her company Lavish Design Studio is the following remark on their site: "We work directly with eco-friendly companies and all of our products are printed on Green e-certified paper. We remain committed to providing lovely paper goods that don't tread on the Earth."


I wrote a blog entry for our company's blog - feel free to check it out!

Jun 9, 2008

Another Great Weekend

This weekend was supposed to be spent camping, however the weather had other plans as it snowed in the mountains on Thursday, and the temps were cooler than we had hoped. So, instead we spent Sunday in Boulder hiking, shopping and having a picnic lunch.

Sunday I took a 3+ hour nap, and tested my new bike. I didn't get as much house cleaning done as I would have liked, but sometimes that is the way life needs to be lived.

The fabulous Jen sent me my image of Rye dog she had been working on (more to be posted about that later). Needless to say I am so excited with the way it turned out!

Congrats to Dan and Amanda who were married this weekend, wishing you a house full of sunshine, hearts full of cheer, love that grows deeper each day of the year.

Glad to report that Max has returned from a very very very long trip to the sandbox. I'm glad that he made it home safely from Iraq - and I can't wait to get together with him when he returns to Colorado in July for some much needed R&R while on leave.

Jun 6, 2008

All is Quiet on the Home Front

Last night we had our first kickball game of the season. Swift Kick in the Grass faced off against Multiple Scorgasms. We tried to hold our own but ended up losing by 1 point in the final inning.

Fun site of the day: Design your own Kleenex box
(Thanks Kayla for this great dish)

Jun 2, 2008

Ever thine. Ever mine. Ever ours.

Thanks Lauren for the photo!

OMG! I had such a great time at the movies on Friday night with the girls. We started out at Corridor 44 with drinks and some food. The movie lived up to all my hopes and I really enjoyed it.

Saturday started with a couple of quick errands to get some food and such for an afternoon of grilling and volleyball at Wash Park with some of Jason's coworkers. I also dropped Rye dog off at the groomers (or Doggie Spa as I tell her). The summer sun was shining and being at the park just made me remember how much I enjoy just relaxing and spending time lounging.

Sunday we headed up to The Norgren's for a big family BBQ. I enjoyed a few margs sitting on the back patio in the sun. It was such a nice afternoon.

On the way home Jason and I stopped at Target (and gasp) I bought a bike. I know there are few readers from work who will make fun of the purchase as they are hard-core bike junkies (as noted in a previous post regarding Yeti Fest). However, I think that I will enjoy my cheap bike this year (since I ended up saving a lot of money on it - however that should be a post of its own after I had a horrible experience with Target and in the end it worked out ok and I got a cheap bike). Anyway it is cute for this summer and then next summer I hope to get the one I have been keeping my eye on at REI.