Sep 7, 2010

Create Possibilities

This past week the card I selected from my Today is the Day pack is "Create Possibilities." I've been attempting to create possibilities in a few different ways, some I'm not ready to announce in such a public manner yet - but stay tuned and I may disclose a few things that are up my sleeve.

One of the things I have decided to do and share is that I'll be entering my first photo contest as I mentioned earlier in my Balloon Classic blog post. I've been pondering about what to do with my budding photography skills, and there are a few different ways I'm able to show my "work." So here is to the new possibility of being a artist with some credit to my name.

Colorado Balloon Classic Balloon Glo Pictures

This weekend was stuffed full of life.

On Saturday night J & I drove down to Colorado Springs for the Colorado Balloon Classic. I wanted to attend the Balloon Glo - and it exceeded all of my expectations. I might say it was one of the coolest things to experience.

We watched them get the balloons inflated.

And when all the balloons would glow, the entire field would light up as people cheered. It was just breathtaking.

I'm debating entering my first photo contest and submitting a picture of the balloons, I just need to pick my favorite of the photos.

It makes me want to attend another balloon festival, and I already know that next year I want to stay in the Springs so we can watch the launch the next morning.

Sep 5, 2010

Watching You, Watching Me

Took this picture last weekend and thought it was too funny to not post. This little guy tends to climb on our balcony a lot too. He is always around just watching, waiting, in hopes that you will leave him some food. Sorry little guy, you gotta find your food somewhere else...

Sep 2, 2010

It's a Sun Shiny Day...

A few more pictures from this past weekend to brighten your day...