Dec 31, 2008

I resolve...

- Scrapbook (dare I say weekly?)
- Love
- Paint my bedroom
- Plan my happily ever after
- Paint my master bathroom
- Give more of myself
- Purge, purge and purge some more - keep it simple, organized, neat, and clean
- Smile more
- Journal, again
- Breath deeply
- Get a new car - wasn't I supposed to do that this year
- Relax more, really let my mind slow down
- Travel out of the country at least twice
- Hug more
- Hook up the TV in the second bedroom
- Sleep in, and be ok with it, that is what weekends are for
- Eat at the dining room table more

Let's see how much I can accomplish this coming year - Cheers to 2009

A quick recap of 2008....
January: Spent a weekend snowboarding in Cooper. Went to the Stock Show.
February: Celebrated one year with Jason. Saw 2 concerts - The Fray & James Blunt.
March: Traveled to Vegas. Saw Keith Ubran in concert.
April: Celebrated Jason's birthday in Mexico.
May: Traveled to California for Allison's graduation. Had girl's night out to see SATC movie
June: Enjoyed 1st annual Ping Pong tournament for work.
July: Started kickball season. Loved the Mile High Music Festival
August: Celebrated my 25th birthday. Threw a bridal shower for the ladies from work. Had dog photos taken.
September: Enjoyed a quiet month.
October: Traveled to Vail - GOT ENGAGED.
November: Enjoyed Eric Hutchinson in concert. Ate lots of Turkey.
December: Engagement photos. Zoo Lights. Christmas parties. Christmas fun.

Dec 30, 2008

Spoiled in all CAPS

Hello my dear friends and readers, I hope you all had a joyous holiday. My belly is full, my house is even fuller and I believe a Merry time was had by all.

To start the recap...

Christmas Eve, we headed to Jason's aunt's house for a fab prime rib dinner. And of course to tear into Christmas presents. I was so shocked to unwrap this beauty:
Yes, Jason's lovely parents gave me the wonderful KitchenAid I have been dreaming of for years now. Can't wait to whip something up this weekend!

We slumbered at my parents house while visions of sugarplums danced in our heads. We woke up Saturday morning to unwrap this wonder:
Now Jason and I can start to master the art of photography together with classes at Wolf Camera. After unwrapping our present we made a huge breakfast with my parents of pumpkin pancakes, eggs, bacon, hasbrowns and really festive drinks.

In the afternoon we headed up to have Christmas dinner with Jason's parents. We enjoyed a Wii bowling tournament with the family - I lost in the first round.

On Friday, my cousin Karen came into town and the weekend then just flew by. We had a day-after Christmas dinner with my family, and then headed to the Zoo Lights. I was slightly let down by the zoo lights, they seemed so much cooler as a kid.

Saturday we had a great dinner at Cheesecake Factory, and then Sunday we saw Marley & Me. I may be the only one to think it, but I wasn't that impressed by the acting, the portrayal of book, but overall I guess I was entertained.

Yesterday I still had the day off to do more errands in hopes to get some wedding stuff caught up.

Now back to work for 2 days before heading into another long weekend. I hope Santa treated everyone well (as I know I was a way beyond spoiled, but I couldn't be more thankful for gifts and the best gift of family), and may I wish an early Happy New Year.

Dec 23, 2008

Are You Hungry?

We had a rockin' food drive at work. In all we donated 920 pounds of food. Check it out:

I hope that everyone has a joyous Christmas and safe travels. I'll be taking a little holiday myself and staying off the computer for the next six days (ahh, bliss). Happy Holidays.

Dec 22, 2008

You wish you could be this ugly

Friday was the Ugly Sweater Party at work, oh man were there UGLY sweaters to be seen.
Here is a group of us:
We also had a food drive battle between account teams, here is a pic of the food my account team brought in. Overall the food drive was very successful for only have an office of 30, we really have a load to get over the Food Bank of the Rockies.

Dec 18, 2008

Healthy Happy Hour

Last night went to Origins for the very first time for a Healthy Happy Hour. It was so GREAT. We did all kinds of face treatments and test all kinds of products, and I course had to buy all kinds of products - that I really shouldn't be buying...but I LOVED a couple of the products we tried and have decided that my skin isn't getting any younger I better start taking care of it.

Looking forward to the weekend of course. Saturday will be Christmas cookie baking and the Steitz's holiday party. Sunday will be lefse making at the Norgren house and last minute shopping and wrapping. Gotta love the holidays.

At work we tomorrow have the results of our food drive competition between accounts - I personally think my account team has a good chance at winning (stay tuned for pictures). Plus we have the gift exchange and ugly sweater contest - watch out for pictures of UGLY sweaters too.

Dec 17, 2008

I Would Cry Too

I hated Santa as a little kid. I have several photos screaming my head off with Santa... I understand these children.

Dec 16, 2008

A few more photos

A few more of my favorite engagement shots.

I can't recommend Claire enough for any photo need - I love her dog photos, I love her human photos, I just plain love her photos.

Dec 15, 2008

Christmas Next Week?

Another Monday. Although today we volunteered at Santa Clause shop handing out presents to families in need. It was a nice treat to help out the community and to get out of the office for a few hours. Despite all, I am so blessed to have a warm house, full belly and a family to love.

I have decided I am not a fan of waking up to negative degree weather, requires too many layers and Riley needing dog boots to go outside (at least Jason has been on dog duty lately).

This weekend was busy with some baking, shopping, wrapping, family time, football, cleaning, etc. Plus we had the 90 holiday party on Friday night. Lots of fun to be had there.

AND, a sneak peak at our engagement photos:
I can't wait to get my hands on the images I am ordering - love them all, Claire did such a great job as always!

Dec 8, 2008

Coming Down with a Cold Just in Time...

I have three client meetings this week, and was up most of the night with a cold coming on. I've been avoiding most of the people in my office as they have been sniffling and hacking up their lungs, but maybe I couldn't avoid the bug they have been carrying around. I came to work stocked with Emergen-C so I hope I can kick it without getting too sick.

This weekend went so fast, I feel like I didn't do enough of the list.

We had our engagement photos taken yesterday by the lovely Claire, the dog photographer - I know Jason and I aren't canines, but I love her style. I simply CAN'T wait to see them!

I did finish up the last of the save the dates, and sealed all my Christmas cards which have been sent out in the mail.

The work Christmas party is this week. "I love holiday parties."

Dec 5, 2008

Getting Things Done

It has been a busy past couple of weeks at my house, between prepping for the holidays and getting wedding tasks crossed of the to-do list. I'm tired!

Here is a snapshot of me working on the Save the Dates, which I'm happy to say are 80% out in the mail. Still have to do a few more this weekend for addresses that I didn't have until this week.
Sunday Jason and I have our engagement photo session. I'm so excited to spend the day in Boulder.

Tomorrow the 20th edition of KBCO Studio CD is released. Jason and I will be up bright and early to get our hands on a copy of the CD.

This weekend I hope to also get my Christmas cards finished up and out in the mail!

Dec 1, 2008

Beautiful Letters

Here is a sneak peak at some wedding decorations I have been working on. Gotta love the DIY projects.
Start with some fake flowers, and maybe a large glass of wine:
Next pluck the fake flowers from the stems, and remove the fake green pieces leaving just the petals:
You will have one large pile of petals:
Next, I created a stencil and cut the letters from a piece of 1/4 inch foam board: I began gluing the flowers in the middle, working up and then down:
The Sem-Final Product!!!

A closer look a the final letters:

I added an "&" to go with the "L" and the "J", as well as added some ribbon to hang the letters from. Can't wait to see them in action at the venue!