Jul 30, 2009

Just Quiet

Nothing really major happening on the home front. Busy with work. Busy with trying to tie things up personally (the to-do list is lengthy). Gearing up for my birthday and my latest ambitions for the coming year.

Jul 26, 2009

3 Days Gone Again

I do really love those 3 day weekends.

Friday with my to-do list in hand I headed out to start the process of legally changing my name. Yes, it has taken me just over 2 months to even get started on this, but man is there a lot that has to be done. After a few stops at different buildings were things went pretty smooth, I headed to Michael's craft store to pick up a few things that I've been wanting to dabble with. Then I stopped at Ross to get Jason a few new shirts for his new job. After my errands I drove to Castle Rock were I was meeting Kristin and little baby Landon for lunch. It was so fun to just hold the little guy as we caught up on the past month. What a cute baby! Jason came home from work and we headed out to dinner at our favorite White Chocolate Grill - the date night special wasn't on their menu any longer, but we asked and they were so kind to grant us the special. It was so nice to just enjoy a nice dinner out together. It had been a very long time since we were able to do that.

Saturday we started out very early and headed to lake with Jason's parents and family friends. We spent the day eating, water skiing, tubing and even this new thing that I had never seen - wake surfing. You literally ride the wake of the boat on a surf board, no rope. We BBQed dinner and hung around the camp fire. It was such a pleasant day, minus a few bug bites. Jason really enjoyed being able to get back out on a water ski as he hadn't been in YEARS...
Today was full of the normal grocery store, and other errands. Then we picked the dog up from my parents' house as they had been dog sitting for us while we were at the lake the day before. This afternoon I spent a solid 6 hours cleaning the house without really taking much a break other than to stuff some food in my face and drink some iced tea. But, the house looks much better, and the bathroom has been switched out with a new shower curtain and new towels, plus 6 loads of laundry are done.
Tomorrow back to work for a 5 day work week, should be a busy one.

Jul 22, 2009

Getting Lost

I find myself lost in my readings lately - quickly soaking up the entire world around me as quickly as possible. Processing, deciding and determining a new course to set sail on.

Today on my of my most favorite blogs, Ali Edwards pointed to a site that just struck me with a wave of emotion. You must take a look at Phillip Toledano's work, it is just so filled with power.
One of posts is a photo of a notebook of scribbled writings by Phillip's 98 year-old dad, his dad's remarks "I want to think seriously about what I can accomplish with what's left of my life." I aspire to be 98 and still challenging myself to live more, live fuller.

I'm embarking on a few new projects that I'll be sharing in the coming weeks, just in time for my 26th birthday.

May the sun shine on you today.

Jul 20, 2009

A New Beginning

Jason landed a new job which unlike we were thinking will really begin tomorrow (not today). I'm so very excited and proud of him and must say the past few months have taught us to love deeper, work harder and stay stronger. I'm thankful for the lessons we have learned and I'm glad we are finally moving on to the next chapter.

Friday night we enjoyed date night on the cheap with a BOGO offer at Bombay Bowl. Overall I give it a thumbs up, but it was a little rocky at first. For one, the menu was a little confusing for me, even though it functions the same as all fast casuals. I wish were given samples of some of the sauces. When my shrimp first came out it was still not fully cooked, so I had to wait for my meal. The portions are large and very flavorful. The bread was the best for only $1, however stay away from the date roll, that was not good. Nice to have another fast casual option.

Saturday I joined my mom for lunch and pedicures, then we drove up to Jason's mom's Pampered Chef party. Jason meet me up there after the party so we could celebrate his mom's birthday. It was a lovely evening and I left very full for the days festivities.

Yesterday we ran the typical errands and then went to celebrate the baptism of Kristin & Eric's son Landon. It was a great event, followed by cake, snacks, and drinks.

Back to Monday morning, hard to believe we are coming up so quickly on the end of July.

Jul 17, 2009

Calling on All Good Vibes

Keep your finger crossed and send any good vibes you have this way. More to follow.

SFO Here I Come

Planning a trip to San Fran for a fun filled girls weekend.

Jul 15, 2009

Road Trip Report Day 4 (and sorta 5)

Another early start to the day, however this time it was well worth it. We drove the 45 mins to Old Faithful, and the crowd just wasn't there that early - so nice.
After a quick visit to a gift store, we headed to grab front row seats for the 9:39AM eruption.
And with the cool early morning air, only steam could be seen. We really didn't get to see the huge water tower behind the steam. However, it was still pretty fun to watch.

We walked up and into Old Faithful lodge and were able to pass the one site I was as excited to see as the wildlife - the old yellow buses. These buses came back to Yellowstone in 2007 and I wish we would have had more time to take a tour in one. They peel the top back so you are sitting in the open air and getting a tour of the very best sites.
The lodge is so beautiful and just classic.
Another couple we were with on the trip had spoken to a gift shop attendant about geysers and the person recommended we take a quick, easy 1mile hike into the woods to see the Lonestar geyser. It was supposed to go off about every three hours. We got to the trail head only to find that it would be more like a 5 mile hike round trip. We got to Lonestar about 20 mins before its eruption. It started off by just spitting some water and steam before jetting out about 20 feet. The eruption of water lasted over 15 mins and the steam was still going when we left having stayed a total of 25 mins. I may have complained since I was SO ready to eat myself or my hiking partners, but this is a site not to be missed. I highly recommend anyone headed to Yellowstone to take this little hike.

We traveled a few other geysers, one which never stops erupting.
Took a few artsy photos with the camera as we learn how to use it.

And then headed for Grand Teton and Jackson. We didn't end up stopping in Teton except for a few photos.

We ate dinner and then headed for a walk in the town square. It was a beautiful evening in a very cute little town.
On the morning of Day 5 we woke up, grabbed breakfast, headed to the town square for the Farmer's Market and snapped a parting photo.
The trip was great, but I came home tired and ready for some quiet down time that involved a long hot bath and my very own bed. I'm so glad we were able to celebrate Paul & Katie's wedding and to see a little slice of America.

Jul 14, 2009

Road Trip Report Day 3

We started the day early and headed for Yellowstone. We entered from the North gate right through the main tower.

First stop, Mammoth Hot Springs. I had Mammoth expectations for this hot spring area and although it photographed beautifully, I guess I expected more. Don't get me wrong it was still very impressive and something that can't be seen elsewhere.

Then we headed further south in park and began seeing some great wildlife. The buffaloes were right on the main road.

The elk were feasting on some green grass in the meadows.

We ventured to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and hiked down to the brink of the lower falls. I have never seen anything so power as all that water gushing over the edge of the canyon wall. It nearly made me sick as we stood there.

We then went to Lookout Point to see another viewpoint of the lower falls.

Finally as we headed to our lodge for the night we got to see one of the greatest sights in Yellowstone - the wolves. If you look closely to the lower right hand corner of this photo you too can see the wolves. They were after the buffalo in the upper left corner of the photo.

Happy Basitlle Day

Bastille Day reminds me of a dear friend who had the chance to celebrate this holiday by watching the Eiffel Tower explode in a colorful display. He took some of the most beautiful pictures. He is missed.

{Treasure Life}

Jul 13, 2009

We take a break

To wish my dear friend Kristin K a big, warm, CONGRATS. She became an Aunt today for the very first time!

Road Trip Report Day 2

We awoke day 2 feeling a little more rested. Here is the view from our front door at Chico:

After a lovely breakfast of pancakes with huckleberry syrup for some and homemade granola for me, we ventured on a 5 mile hike through the rolling hills. It was so quiet, and a great cool morning for a nice walk.

After hiking for awhile with nothing in site, we came acroos a few buildings, some very old and not lived in, and some a little odd... like this house or shed made of license plates.

Following our walk the sky decided to open up and shower the bride and groom with rain. The wedding was supposed to take place in the Field of Dreams, however with the rain it was moved inside. You would think the rain put a damper on things with the grins on Katie & Paul's faces.

Right after the ceremony the sun had broken through the clouds and we were able to enjoy cocktail hour outside while the happy couple continued with pictures.
We enjoyed a lovely buffet dinner with prime rib. Then the fun and games began. Paul & Katie had a good time sharing their cake, or should I say forcing the other to enjoy the cake. The cake was complete with huckleberries too.

Their first dance was sweet.
Then the boys induldge the audience in a great dance.

All in all a great wedding and great two evenings in Chico. We headed to bed late and prepared for the ventures to Yellowstone the next morning.

Jul 12, 2009

Road Trip Report Day 1

We hit the open road on Tuesday morning at 4:00 AM. I was sleepy with excitement.

I slept for a little that morning, waking for breakfast in Casper, WY. I don't remember WY being such a beautiful state. The rolling hills were green and screaming of the American way of life.

Finally we hit the Montana state border. I had never crossed over into this great state and expected the sky to be bigger right away.
After a few more hours of riding along following the Yellowstone River we made it to Chico snuggled right in Prey, MT in the heart of Paradise Valley.

Here the sky felt bigger.
After cleaning up from our 10.5 hour journey we headed to a welcome reception for the wedding we were attending.
Paul and Katie were already bursting with the excited pre-wedding energy. They were so filled with love and beaming.
Katie's parents had rented a house in Prey to host family and friends, nearly 70 strong. The Ashe family threw a great rehearsal dinner complete with BBQ and beer. The house had the most expansive patio were we all dined with the biggest view I have ever been witness to. The sky reached forever and the mountain range rose high and fast from the grasslands.

Following the rehearsal dinner we headed back to Chico and enjoyed the cleanest hot springs. It didn't smell of rotten eggs. We relaxed, we soaked, we enjoyed the company before hitting the hay in preparation of the next busy day.

Jul 5, 2009

Happy Weekend

Happy 4th.

Happy Freedom.

My favorite fireworks, snakes and smoke bombs. Oh the weekend was wonderful.

Friday we headed to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. It was so fun to just walk around looking at the art and playing in the sun. Came home and took a nap. Ate salad for dinner and then dozed while Jason watched the Rockies game. I love lazy days.

Saturday was a very Happy 4th of July. We woke up and went to the pool even though the sun wasn't really up for the fun at that point. It was cool and cloudy. Came back, took another nap and then headed to Jason's Aunt & Uncle's for some BBQ. We played lawn games, ate lots of ribs, salads and watermelon. Then Jason and I headed to watch fireworks. The display we saw outside of Fiddler's Green left something to be desired.

Today we again went to the pool and this time the sun was out and it was beautiful. Now just getting ready for the exciting week ahead.

Jul 1, 2009

You Can Be a Winner

Check out Papers and Packages for your chance to win a set of custom eco-stationery from {lavish.}.

I entered!

Zen Like

Breathe. When you find yourself speeding up and stressing out, pause, and take a deep breath. Take a couple more. Really feel the air coming into your body, and feel the stress going out. By fully focusing on each breath, you bring yourself back to the present, and slow yourself down. It’s also nice to take a deep breath or two — do it now and see what I mean.

It's one of my goals for the year. Read a great article called The 10 Essential Rules for Slowing Down. Hoping to have a slow, nice, long holiday weekend. I think my problem is I get so excited for it all to happen that I just rush from one activity to the next, instead of really taking time to breathe in the moment.

Taking a moment to breathe right now.