Sep 23, 2008

Allow me a moment to stand on my soapbox

The train has become a never ending nightmare some days. I dislike the train. I dislike that I am tied to the time of something else. I dislike that it cost $6 a day to ride it. I dislike how crowded it is (I'm lucky to get a seat). But most of all I DISLIKE (on the verge of hate) men that fail to remember the manners their mom taught them. A couple points of support:
  • The man who takes up two seats. I have many names for this fellow. He thinks he is too tall to sit on one-half of the seat like the rest of the riders, so he lays over the two seats with his bag on one edge. He refuses to move no matter how crowded the train gets. Totally rude
  • Everyday at the University stop two elderly women get on the train. By this stop there are not any available seats left, and they are lucky to find good standing room. If possible I offer them my seat. But, somedays I'm in the middle of the car and to scream over 20 people in front of me to offer these women my seat seems a little too much. However, I'm shocked still everyday that the men on the train don't see these senior citizens and offer their seat up.
  • Finally, yesterday, I was in a pod of 3 other men in my seat bunch and we get to the second stop on the line (no open seats) and a VERY pregnant lady, I'm talking due today pregnant lady, and not a single peep from the men to offer their seat. So I ask her kindly if she would like to take my seat and of course she is so overly relieved that she won't have to stand the 30 minutes. I'm to the point I want to start offering up the seats of those around me.
Now, don't get me wrong, this isn't an issue women's rights, blah blah. It is an issue of common curiosity for those around us. I'm not asking a man to give up his seat the moment I step on the train, what I am asking is that those fellow train riders pay attention and become more compassionate and generious. I only hope that one day when I'm about to give birth on the train that someone offer me their seat, or when I am in my 80's that some college kid be kind enough to know that I would like to sit down too.

I'm done, thank you for listening to my rant.

Sep 22, 2008

Monday morning you look so fine

Already Monday again, sometimes it is hard to remember what Friday afternoon felt like.

Friday had dinner out and ran a couple errands with Jason. Saturday morning headed to Wash Park with some of Jason's coworkers. They had 3 volleyball nets loaded with games. Meanwhile I headed to Cherry Creek to do some shopping, and then hung in the shade at the park the rest of the afternoon. Yesterday spent the morning running more errands, had a fab lunch of some great meats, cheese and bread - very euro, took a typical Sunday afternoon nap and did laundry. All in all a good weekend, but man, it felt short.

Not too much on the radar for the week. Should be busy with work, and really just looking forward to the next weekend. Hoping to make Jason drive me to the mountains to see some fall colors.

Sep 19, 2008


image from Rocky Mountain News

Went to the CU game last night with Jason. Had the greatest time! CU won in OT, so the game was close and I was very nervous most of the 4th quarter.

Ready for the weekend, although no big plans. Been hanging low trying to kick an infection. Otherwise all is well on the home front.

Sep 11, 2008

Mash Up

Lots to update about I suppose.

Check out this way cool calendar I bought for 2009 created by the even cooler Jen over at Lavish Design Studio:
I can't wait for it to come in the mail. I bought a desk calendar similar to this one last year and have loved it everyday.

Next up! Ikea! I. Love. Ikea. Ok, so I may not have ever actually stepped foot in the store. Forgive me, I come from the land of Colorado. Anyway, great news. An Ikea is in the works to be built near my house! Rock on. Until then I will have to live with their catologue and online store.

More to come later, I have a couple other things to mention, but work is busy so I can't dilly dally too long.

Sep 8, 2008

Can you Salsa?

Is it Monday already?

The weekend flew by. Saturday the parents, Jason and I cheered on Ralphie V and the CU Buffs to a victory over Eastern Washington. It was a little close there for awhile, but we pulled out the win. It was a great day in Boulder, the temp was just right. They had run a ticket special, 4 tickets for $40, for the seats that Eastern didn't purchases, and for that price you can't go wrong. Charging $20 to park on the other hand...

Sunday started really early, as Jason and I headed up to Brighton so he could get a round of golf in. I rode in the cart while his brother and him played the first six holes, I then split to make it to his parents house for some Salsa making.

Talk about an all day job... From cutting onions, boiling tomatoes, peeling tomatoes, cutting peppers, chopping garlic, stirring gallons and gallons of salsa, to actually canning the stuff. 100+ pints later of salsa, I was a beaten girl. My eyes still burn from getting pepper juice sprayed in them. It is a high-risk job that salsa making.

I'm already ready for the coming weekend. Need some rest now.

Sep 2, 2008

So Long, Farewell....

Well, Labor Day marks the official end to Summer. Where did the time go, how is it already September? I guess in some ways, waking this morning to the cool crisp air, and feeling a slight change as I walked into the office with my Starbucks is a welcomed sign, but still I morn the days of heat, flip flops and BBQs.
This weekend was fast as always, packed with busy things, but in many ways relaxing too. Friday Jason and I hit up Brewery Bar for some Mexican dinner, and then had skee-ball challenge at Dave & Busters. I won.
Saturday morning lazed around, watched the movie Definitely, Maybe, then headed to Brighton to stop at the farms for some produce, finally making our way to Jason's parents for the summer fun, late birthday celebration, crab boil minus the crab... I don't really like crab so it wasn't missed. We ate shrimp, sausage, potatoes, corn on the cob, all with our fingers, dumped right out of the big boil pot. It was such a beautiful evening finished off with a ice cream cone.
Sunday started with a trip to the grocery store and then I through some chicken in the crockpot for some tacos later that night. I watched Hope Floats and Driving Miss Daisy throughout the day as I dozed off and picked up the house, did laundry, the dishes, the like. Jason had his fantasy football draft and then came over to watch CU take down those Rams.
Monday was in a nesting mood I suppose and cleaned the house some more and tackled more projects on the to-do list including cleaning up my storage closet and getting some new storage boxes for the junk I somehow can't get rid of but don't use. Maybe again, in reference to fall, but I feel like I need to get my house in order. This week I plan on tackling the craft room that seems to be a never ending project with new things to always be hung, placed, organized.

Busy week at work, but hopefully a fast week.