Sep 30, 2009


Here we go Rockies!

Should playoffs come around again, and we host another big baseball party I'm certainly going to be making these treats.

Grateful Tuesday: A to Z

a - aloe, when you have a sunburn there is nothing better.
- blogging, for some reason I'm really starting to feel like I can find my groove with my blogs and in keeping up with other blogs.
- cameras, I've really enjoyed photography the past few months and would enjoy taking a more advanced camera setting class to only improve.
d - daffy apples, they are just so sweet and delightful.
- emotions, sometimes I wish I wasn't so sensitive or emotional, but those are the qualities of being me.
- family, it may be small, but I'm so thankful for my family unit.
- Google Reader, it keeps me in touch with all the blogs that bring me inspiration and joy
- hugs
- ice, the little pellets that come in sonic drinks, wish every place had that ice.
- Jason.
- kisses
- Love. Some things need no explanation.
- music, it adds so much to life.
- new day break, being at work so early requires me to watch the sunrise most mornings, I do enjoy watching the new day break.
- organization, I wish I had more of it, but am thankful for what I do have organized.
- pomegranates or pickles - its a tie.
q - quiet time.
r - Riley dog, she is so cute and spunky and everyday she brings a smile to my face. I didn't know you could love a pet as much as I cherish her.
- Sunday lounge days, they seem like the perfect day to just relax and unwind.
- today, I'm really focusing on living in the present a fuller, richer life.
- umbrellas, it means it is raining and do love the sound of rain.
- vacations, any chance to getaway brings smiles to my face and love to my heart
- weekends, I post every Monday about those wonderful weekends. I live for weekends.
- eXcitement (ok a stretch on the letter x).
- you, as in you reading this post, you are the people I write for.
- zzzzzz's, I do love sleeping.

In a more humorous light, I asked Jason for some help while working on this and said "I'm really stuck on 'a,' any thoughts?" His response, "arms, what if you didn't have arms?!" Oh men....

What are some things you are thankful for today?

Babies on the Brain

So really not thinking about having babies anytime soon, although maybe I do find it a compliment that I lead a few people's nominations in "next to get knocked up" pool in the office.

Saw this on a couple blogs, and love the idea... file this away for a few years and I'll look at again!

Embroidery hoops as a giant mobile - love it!

As seen several blogs, but Design Dazzle sites the source as a Nursery by Lorena & David of San Francisco.

Sep 29, 2009

Grateful Tuesday

In trying to live life a little fuller, I'm going to start trying to be more open with my gratitude. Maybe pen to paper (or keys to screen) will make me take the time to really focus on the positive in my life. So once a week, I'd like to start sharing with you a few things that just make me grateful.
  • How can I not start with hubs. I'm thankful that I have him as my best friend and life-long companion. I love that he has this little nook on his shoulder that fits my head just perfect when we are lounging on the couch.
  • Little Rye dog. Oh the joy and laughter she brings to the house. Her cute, hairy, spunky, beast-like attitude just makes me beam with motherly pride.
  • I love, love, LOVE having every other Friday off, and I'm so looking forward to a little pampering this Friday with a coffee in one hand, a glossy magazine in the other and my little toes in a foot soak getting a pedicure.
  • All cold weather aside, I love the change of pace fall brings. I feel it brings closure to the summer, and new way to unwind relaxing on Sundays watching football or puttering around the house.
  • I live to eat (while my dad eats to live as he always tells me). I'm so grateful that I just plain and simple love food. What can I say, I think good food and good friends brings an energy that just can be replicated when enjoyed together.
Have you thought recently about things in your life that make you feel blessed? I wish you list upon list of things that make your life full, things that fill you with you with gratitude.

Sep 27, 2009

Wonderful Weekends

This weekend was peaceful.

I posted my lengthy list of desires for the weekend on Friday, and although not everything got accomplished, I feel like the weekend was complete.

Friday night Jason and enjoyed Wahoo's for dinner and then did a little shopping at Old Navy. I got the perfect pair of silver flats for only $7. Gotta love clearance items. I didn't find any basic t-shirts there, so I'll keep looking. Earlier in the day I also hit up some great sales at Gap during the lunch hour. Can't wait for cool weather to wear the new sweaters I got.

Saturday we bummed around in the morning then I sold my final leftover wedding items to a buyer from Craigslist. We ran some errands and then stopped at my parents house where I got some succulent cuttings from her gardens. I also went to Tagawa for a few other plants and the actual planter. We also went to Lowe's to look at bathroom facets. I've narrowed it down to 2 I like, so we didn't buy any yet while I still ponder what to do. We decided before embarking on a shelf gallery project I should pick a new paint color for the bedroom, so I looked a paint chips, still deciding on the color:
For dinner we went to Bambu in the DTC and I tried Pho. I think I have a new love. The people were so friendly there, and the food was great. I can't wait to go back. After dinner we went to the Landmark and saw All About Steve. The movie was ok.

Sunday we ventured to the grocery store and came home. Jason lounged around watching football while I puttered around cleaning things up, sorting my mail, reading some magazines, etc. I planted my garden and I love it:

And, I worked all afternoon on getting our wedding photos organized for our album. My recommendation for all those to-be-brides is just get the package to have your photographer make the album. It is so much work to get that beast done.

As for the other items on the list, I think I'll just settle for the black boots I've already found, I've looked at a number of places and think this is the closet I'm coming to finding what I want in my price range. Watched a few shows on the DVR, think I'll enjoy Eastwick, but may pass on watching Cougar Town this year.

Monday is off to a good start... here's to a great week!

Sep 25, 2009

Weekend Plans

This weekend I think I'll nest.

I want to make one of these:
a succulent planter of some sort

I want to move around my photo wall and make a shelf display:
as seen inspired by this Gallery Galore! post

I want to work on our wedding photo album. Hopefully have the photos selected and printed by the time I enjoy a 4-day weekend devoted to simply working on my albums.

I want to replace the facets in the bathrooms.

I want to find the perfect pair of black boots.

I want to buy some basic t-shirts from Old Navy.

I want to enjoy 2 days of bliss this weekend, and maybe catch up on some of the shows plugged into the DVR from the past week.

Look for photos from this weekend's list of projects coming on Monday.

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!

Sep 21, 2009

First Snow

It snowed here today, or I suppose it did. I left the house and it was raining and cloudy. The temp was still around 47, however by 9:00 AM I had an email from hubs that it was snowing near our house.

I still think it was too warm to stick at all, but that means winter is fast approaching and here it is the "last day" of summer...

Looking forward to just heading home tonight to curl up and stay inside.

Sep 20, 2009

Wonderful Weekends

I feel like I'm slowly getting back into the groove. Like welcoming the fall season is welcoming a slower paced life. Things have been more about relaxing instead of about going.

I had Friday of this week (still loving CWWs). I work up early and took Rye dog to the groomer, she looks so pretty and is soooo soft now. I then ran a few other errands and took the car in for an oil change and to have the tires rotated. I came home picked up the house, did a few loads of laundry and baked a keylime pie for our weekend treat, as well as cooked up some chicken wings for dinner. We watched I Love You Man, which I didn't think was that great, but Jason enjoyed it.

Saturday I woke up and cooked some fabulous Pumpkin Scones and then we ran a few of our typical errands, enjoyed a sloppy burger from Good Times and did our grocery shopping early. We came home and listened to the Buffs game on the radio (as we don't have Fox College Sports in our plan). We fell asleep during the final few moments of the game just curled on the couch. It was just so typically fall. For dinner we grilled up some dogs and made potato salad.

Today we ate breakfast together before Jason headed to Bear Dance to play a round of golf. I headed to my parents for lunch and some catch up time. Then basically cooked up some dinner and then enjoyed some TV.

All in all a great relaxing weekend. It was a great chance to just catch up on us time and get some R&R before another busy week ahead.

Sep 15, 2009

Love What You Live Giveaway

Head on over to LoveWhatYouLive for a fab giveway.

I Hella Heart Mancation Part #5

After spending a lovely day in Carmel and Santa Cruz we were ready to spend the day in the city enjoying Union Square and shopping in China town.

We started the morning in Union Square with shopping at H&M and Zara. Such great deals. I bought a beautiful scarf at H&M and a cute fall top at Zara.

After shopping we grabbed a quick lunch and headed into China town. Lauren at the gate into China town:
The gate:
The girls in the middle of the street with Chinatown behind them:
We went Red Blossom Tea Company to sample teas. It was so fun! I bought a sampler package, and am really crossing my fingers that Jason will order me more tea from there for a stocking stuffer this year at Christmas (hint, hint). Here are the teas we sampled:
And the wall of teas to select from:
Just a picture of the streets in China town:
And finally what we were on the hunt for in Chinatown, our very own lucky cats. Knee-How!
After Chinatown we ate dinner at a great Mexican place that Meg recommended and grabbed fro-yo on the drive back to Jenny's house. We stayed up late just chatting into the night before going to bed. The next morning we quickly packed up our stuff and headed to the airport. It was such a great weekend. Thanks to Jenny for hosting us! I can't wait for our next Mancation - Vegas???

Sep 14, 2009

I Hella Heart Mancation Part #4

Where did I leave off?

Oh yes, we had just finished wine tasting. Following that we headed for 17 mile drive.

We headed straight for the waves where Meg wanted to get up-close with the sea life.
It was so warm and sunny on the drive.
There are about 2,000 pull offs along the drive, one over looks this little bay where 100's of sealions and bird rest. They are hard to make out in the photo, but the birds dot the top of the rock, and the seal are the dark mass at the bottom of the rock.
The views were just beautiful.
On the way to Pebble Beach you pass the lone Cyprus tree.
We finally made it to Carmel, were we enjoyed ice cream and window shopping.
Then we hopped back in the car for the drive to Santa Cruz. Lauren got some great shots of the setting sun out of the car window.
We ate at a great sushi place in Santa Cruz.
Followed it up with some dancing.
And you would laugh too if the bar was using a stamp that said "BLOG". Just too fitting for my personal and professional life to not photograph.
Up next, our last full day in SFO.

Sep 11, 2009

I Hella Heart Mancation Part #3

Everyday was so full on our vacation. I can't believe how much we did in one day, so Day 2 will be broken up in a series of posts too.

We started this day off by heading to Gilroy for wine tasting. We started at Fortino winery where we were given a tour of the winery by the founder. This Italian man had so many great stories for us as we walked the small winery.

We then drove down the road to the Solaris winery.
Here Lauren met Peggy Sue, the dog, dressed like a human.

After the wine tasting we drove and drove and drove before eating lunch at Taco Bell after not knowing what else to do because it was 4 PM and we hadn't eaten all day. Following that we headed to Pebble Beach. Look forward to that post coming soon.

Sep 10, 2009

I Hella Heart Mancation Part #2

Part #2 of Full Day #1 in SFO...

After touring Ikea and snacking on Trader Joe's treats, we ventured to Pier 33 to catch our ferry to Alcatraz. We had booked our evening tour tickets weeks in advance and we were lucky, because as Jenny promised the tour was sold out that evening.

Standing in line:
The evening boat ride is a little longer than the day boat ride out to the Rock. They take you the full way around the island to see all the sites.

Once on the island you are greeted by a guide who gives you a brief overview before providing you with a 45 minute audio tour. The cells were so tiny.

But the views were amazing from out there.

At night you can tour the hospital (which isn't open during the day). It was very creepy in there. There are also evening guides who provide more indepth stories and tales of the island. But really the treat of the evening tour is watching the city come to life at night from a distance.

Sep 9, 2009

I Hella Heart Mancation Part #1

I arrived in San Fran at about 9. Then the madness of the weekend started as Jenny speed into the airport pick up zone horn blaring and windows rolled down. We threw the suitcase in the car and drove straight to In N Out Burger.

It might be the weirdest trip there ever. Jenny & Meg had a pepper eating contest, some man walked in with his light saber turned on and another man came in with a parrot on his shoulder.

We got back to Jenny's house and I was in awe of her view and couldn't get enough of the city lights.
The next morning I had Jenny wake me up so I could watch the sunrise. It was actually pretty cool because the Bay Bridge was closed for repairs so I could see the traffic lights for miles as people made their way into the city.

After getting cleaned up we headed out to Trader Joe's for snacks. I love that place and really wish we had one here.
Then we traveled into Palo Alto to go to Ikea. It was my first time to this WONDERFUL place. I was in love. Again, we need one of those here. We of course had to test everything in the store.
Then we dined on their great, cheap food. I enjoyed the Swedish Meatballs.
After Ikea we headed back into the city for part 2 of our 1st day adventure... more photos coming tomorrow.