Feb 15, 2008

Keep on waiting, waiting on the world to change

Last night enjoyed a very nice Valentine's Day dinner at home with Jason. We made fondue and it was fab.

For months now I have been dabbling with having a fancy day to myself, getting my hair done, grabbing coffee, going shopping, enjoying the weather. Tomorrow is finally the day. I plan to start the morning by swinging by Starbucks, then I have a haircut appointment and a colorist appointment (both at Antoine Du Chez in Greenwood Village), then I plan to do a little shopping and have lunch out. To top it off it should be about 50 degrees tomorrow, which since the ground has been covered in snow for weeks will feel like a heat wave. Later in the day Jason and I will take the dog over to my parent's house and head downtown for drinks. Sunday the plan is to hit the slopes at Copper Mountain for some snowboarding. Monday I have off and will be playing with my mom and Karen while she is still in town.

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