Feb 13, 2008

Soundtrack of your life

Jason and I went and saw James Blunt and Sara Bareilles last night at the Ogden Theatre. Lauren and Christy were also there to hear Sara's amazing vocals, as Lauren's 3-song Select A Set was played on KBCO last week and her prize was tickets to the sold-out concert.

You always run into strange characters at concerts: those that have had too much to drink, those that seem a little out of place, those who know every single detail about the artist, etc. Last night we stood next to a chatty man who either was following the Hollywood fad of talking with a British accent, or had a really crappy honest British accent. This guy had NO CLUE who Sara Bareilles is... and was shocked that Lauren and Christy were happily singing along to the music we listen to on repeat all day (sorry office mates, but is the best CD I've heard in a long time - every song rocks). For those who don't know Sara, check out her myspace page and pick up her CD ASAP.

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