Mar 17, 2008

In a nutshell

As all weekends do, this weekend just flew by.

Friday night, Jason and I went to On the Border and used a gift card I got with points from my credit card. We then ran to Home Depot at Southlands to see if we could find some wallpaper for my DIY book shelf remodel. When we asked a lady near the front entrance where we could find wallpaper she look stunned, and then replied "We don't carry wallpaper here, you can try Guiry's." You would have thought I was asking if she carried shag carpet direct from the 1970's. All of my home magazines, Domino, Real Simple, etc. say that Wallpaper is hot right now and everyone is using it. Well after Home Depot we tried Target, Walmart, The Great Indoors and Guiry's and NO ONE carries it! So now I am bound and determined to find a wallpaper store close by to be able to do my project.

Saturday we woke up so early to make it Copper Mountain and avoid traffic. We were the first chair, well I should say Jason was on the first chair lift as he was greedy and wouldn't let Kristin and I take the first chair (haha).

Sunday we of course did the weekend tradition of grocery shopping and then I met my mom to go swimsuit shopping! I found two great swimsuits, although I will tell you swimsuit shopping is the hardest thing ever for a female. But, at least I am set for Mexico. I also got a really fun pair of summer shades for the beach! After the shopping we had a traditional St. Patrick's Day celebration meal of corned beef and cabbage. Tasty!

The weather people warned that we would be waking up to 8-12 inches of snow, but my drive only included wet roads down south.

This morning at work we have it all set up. Donuts for breakfast, a great lunch spread with cupcakes and green punch! Love it!

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Jen Rotert said...

You can get amazing wallpaper online. This one is my favorite because it is Orla Kiely and she is genius.

Also, they used it on a bookshelf (which may be what you are trying to reproduce) here.

I just love it!