Apr 23, 2008

Half-way Through The Week

Already Wednesday! Tonight I will be leaving work a little early to make it to a Happy Hour for an old coworker who is getting a great promotion. Congrats Ricky!

A little shout out to work as we have been named one of the nation's top interactive agencies in BtoB's 2008 Top Agencies Special Report. We have also added 3 more people to the staff, which is always exciting as we continue to grow.

This weekend I'm hoping to finally tackle some long put off spring cleaning chores. The list always seems to get longer before it gets shorter. I also want to do a little more shopping at Cost Plus World Market, as if I haven't been there enough lately, but I have a great coupon.

Not sure who will get kicked off of Idol tonight. I was really disappointed with both Brooke and Jason - who have been my favorites in the past.

I guess I don't really have much else to post about today.

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