Apr 28, 2008

The weekend is a part of the week usually lasting two days

The weekend was fab.

Friday headed home a little early, did some BBQing, and then ran some errands looking for a new couch. Which the whole couch thing is harder than I thought. I need a small framed white couch for my guest bedroom, and I don't want to pay more than a few hundred for it.

Saturday morning headed to Boulder to hit the Boulder Farmer' Market (takes to Lauren for the idea, I didn't think they were open yet). I got some great mushrooms that I had with dinner last night, and some great dipping sauces. Then we shopped on Pearl Street and visited the most beautiful antique jewelry store, I want one of everything there! Finally we had lunch at The Sink on the Hill. We also made a few other stops on the way back to Denver to look for some camping supplies. Then headed to my parents house for dinner and so I could pick up some a few pieces of artwork that I had been storing over there.

Sunday included the typical grocery store adventure and then headed to REI to do some more camping supply shopping. We got some head lamps, a camping book, I got a new "safe" water bottle after all the Nalgene clear bottles were removed from the market for toxins being released. Then made our way to Jason's parents house so that I could help his mom with a scrapbook. Seems like we are all over town the past couple weekends hitting up the parents house. Then we came back to my house and BBQ up some steaks, cooked the already mentioned mushrooms and had twice baked potatoes.

Now we are back to Monday.

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