May 19, 2008

Monday Morning

It is amazing how still the world is at the wee early hour of 5 AM. This morning I woke early so I could get into work and make some headway on a few outstanding projects. It was so quite as I was getting ready, and even more quite when I was standing at the train station - the highway was quite, the sun just breaking. Nice way to start the week, a calm hopefully that won't break into a storm.

This weekend was a nice break too. Jason was out of town in Nashville for a conference, so I spent the majority of the time with my parents. My mom and scrapbooked, and I'm slowly getting caught up on photos from the past year. Saturday I got my haircut, did a little shopping (in the errand fashion) and stopped by a good friend's graduation party.

Gearing up for another graduation this weekend and hopefully some more R&R. Should be a quick week.

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