Jun 2, 2008

Ever thine. Ever mine. Ever ours.

Thanks Lauren for the photo!

OMG! I had such a great time at the movies on Friday night with the girls. We started out at Corridor 44 with drinks and some food. The movie lived up to all my hopes and I really enjoyed it.

Saturday started with a couple of quick errands to get some food and such for an afternoon of grilling and volleyball at Wash Park with some of Jason's coworkers. I also dropped Rye dog off at the groomers (or Doggie Spa as I tell her). The summer sun was shining and being at the park just made me remember how much I enjoy just relaxing and spending time lounging.

Sunday we headed up to The Norgren's for a big family BBQ. I enjoyed a few margs sitting on the back patio in the sun. It was such a nice afternoon.

On the way home Jason and I stopped at Target (and gasp) I bought a bike. I know there are few readers from work who will make fun of the purchase as they are hard-core bike junkies (as noted in a previous post regarding Yeti Fest). However, I think that I will enjoy my cheap bike this year (since I ended up saving a lot of money on it - however that should be a post of its own after I had a horrible experience with Target and in the end it worked out ok and I got a cheap bike). Anyway it is cute for this summer and then next summer I hope to get the one I have been keeping my eye on at REI.

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