Jun 16, 2008

Hey Big Spender

This weekend was jam packed with about 100 things that happened and another 100 things that I didn't get to do.

Friday afternoon started a off nice, as we the office closed a tad early. I met Jason and went to a happy hour for a coworker of his that just got a new job and was celebrating her last day! We then grabbed dinner and I got my mom's birthday present and dad's father's day present wrapped. Saturday I was up early doing a little cooking of some fine deviled eggs for the ping pong tournament party that afternoon. Jason and I made a quick downtown to do a little window shopping. Then headed to the party at Lauren's house! It was a great shin-dig, with some good food and some super fun ping pong. Let me tell you, my coworkers are some serious ping pong players. After the party Jason and I headed to my parents house for dinner to celebrate birthdays and father's day. Sunday again was packed. I went to Crate and Barrel for their big sale, and got a set of dessert plates I had my eye on (sorry the picture isn't on their site), got a couple of glass of pitchers (which I had spied at Lauren's house and loved) and finally got a few new glasses that were on super sale. I also hit up Target for a few other summer entertaining supplies. Then I took the car to Waterway for a wash inside and out. I felt I should have tipped the poor boy who cleaned the inside more than a few bucks as it was NASTY. Finally I headed up to Brighton to celebrate father's day with Jason's family.

Now back in full force on a Monday morning.

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