Jul 29, 2008

Daily Routine

Change is often hard for me to accept in all areas of my life. I like plans, lists, habits. I like to consider myself a go with the flow kind of person, but often I wonder if I am just a rock in an ever flowing river, letting the stream go around me as I stand still, rolling once or twice when the current gets really strong.
For the past eight months I have taken the train more times than I can count right to Union Station. I have the routes planned, the times memorized. Monday morning was the last time I will catch the E-Line at 7:21 to get to Union Station and be to the Wazee office turning my computer on by 8:02. We moved offices to the very great Denver Club on 17th and Glenarm. Now I take the F-Line.
It is a whole new world on the F-Line and being in the heart of downtown, instead of in LoDo. New places to eat, new shops to visit, and plently of new people in a very different bustle. I'm doing ok accepting the change. My little rock in the stream has been tossed around, maybe even picked up and skipped across the water, but I'm still in one piece. Best of all, I have a new routine in the process.

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Anonymous said...

Change is hard for me for the first day or two. Then I end up loving it. until I get bored of it and want to change again... then I hate it... then I love it again... you see the cycle I assume.