Jul 23, 2008

Day 1 in Detail

So you can see from the schedule above, day one had a lot in store for us music buffs. We got to sporting goods park at about 11:00-ish. We tried to bring our lunch with us, and couldn't get it in the gates, so good thing we have connections in the right places! A friend made sure we were well compensated for not being able to bring our lunch it.

We started the day at Eric Hutchinson, who I had been really excited to see. He certainly lived up to the expectations I had for him! He was great, and I can't wait for him to come to town again.

Next we headed to Newton Faulkner, who Jason thought was fab. I enjoyed him, but left his set early to head to the merch booth.

We made our way to Gavin DeGraw and really enjoyed him as well. Jason Mraz was our 3:00 PM show, and by this point we were all HOT and sun burnt. Lauren was so sun burnt that a strange man (who claimed to be a doctor) was applying sun screen to her back while we sat in the bleachers for the show.

For most of Citizen Cope's set I hung in the tented area enjoying a ice cold bottle of water and tried to muster my energy to return for the evening.

We caught some of O.A.R. beforing checking out Michael Franti & Spearhead. Franti was fantastic and I'm for sure hoping to check them next summer at Red Rocks.

We closed the night with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, who I thought again were great. I wasn't sure what I would have thought of them, since I grew up with my parents listening to their music, and was not the biggets fan as a child. But, they put on a great, high energy live act.

Getting out of the venue was a breeze. We were right on the highway after getting out of the parking lot, no traffic in site!

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A re-awakening time..... said...

Hey... loved your blog. I was at the show too. MY friend and I actually met Gavin, Jason, and it was the third time that we met Newton. All fantastic acts...

I was a bit awe struck with Gavin though... I forgot how to speak the english language...

Nextime... take umbrella's for the protection. Get those small ones from the dollar store in cool colors.... saved us as I'm super prone to burn...

Take care...