Aug 25, 2008

Action Packed

The weekend was a blur of madness and fun.

Friday night started early with getting off at 3:30. Jason and I grubbed on some Wahoo's and did some massive shopping stopping Cost Plus World Market, Michael's, Party City, Lukas Liquors, Costco and then finally King Soopers. On Saturday I was throwing a bridal shower for Rosemary and Shannon (some fab ladies from the office) so I had a lot of prep work. I made some great german chocolate cake bites on Friday night and finally crawled to bed tired at about midnight. Jason so kindly cleaned up my chocolate covered kitchen - there should be pictures, but it looked like I dipped the stove in bark, instead of the cake bites.

Saturday I was up at the crack of dawn slicing, baking, cutting, boiling, and making some fantastic salads, deserts and the like. Lauren came over early to help with last minute prep. The girls from the office got there around 1:00 and it was so nice to have everyone over to help the brides celebrate their upcoming weddings. We played a nice game of Bridal style family fued with prizes to be had. Ate lots of food and gabbed for awhile. After everyone left I hate to admit it but I fell asleep on the couch and woke only to eat dinner and then slept the remainder of the night waking on Sunday well after eight. I probably slept a good 14 hours.

Sunday we headed to Kaladi Brothers for some coffee, made a couple other stops to pick up the dog from my parents, and then I cleaned the house after the big party and we went to see The House Bunny and it was pretty cheesy cute.

Looking forward to a crazy week of DNC madness in the city, and then a 3-day weekend to rejoice in.

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Kristin said...

You are such a cute Martha Stewart (except for the jail time part).