Oct 1, 2008

A Hurried Week

This week has been a little wild at work, busy with deadlines, but the days have gone by fast. I got a promotion at work - toot toot (that is me tooting my own horn).

Congrats to Shannon as the wedding bells will be ringing this coming weekend, and congrats to Rosemary whose bells rang last weekend. The ladies at work are all getting hitched.

This weekend will be a busy one. Saturday headed to the Air Force/Navy game and Sunday gots lots of plans. Next weekend taking off and celebrating fall in Vail! So looking forward to a nice weekend of relaxing.

I ordered my blurb book that I made of Riley from photos that the Claire from Denver Dog Photography took. Speaking of, you need to check out her new website and blog. Very cool stuff. Still can't rave enough about the photos she took.

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