Dec 8, 2008

Coming Down with a Cold Just in Time...

I have three client meetings this week, and was up most of the night with a cold coming on. I've been avoiding most of the people in my office as they have been sniffling and hacking up their lungs, but maybe I couldn't avoid the bug they have been carrying around. I came to work stocked with Emergen-C so I hope I can kick it without getting too sick.

This weekend went so fast, I feel like I didn't do enough of the list.

We had our engagement photos taken yesterday by the lovely Claire, the dog photographer - I know Jason and I aren't canines, but I love her style. I simply CAN'T wait to see them!

I did finish up the last of the save the dates, and sealed all my Christmas cards which have been sent out in the mail.

The work Christmas party is this week. "I love holiday parties."

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