Jan 25, 2009

Full Time

Had my very first compressed work weekend and it was bliss. Friday, after a stop at the good ol doctor's office, we headed up to Fort Collins. I must admit, I don't enter Ram country ever - I think I have been there once in the past 8 years or so. Anyway, we started out with lunch at Rasta Pasta and the traveled down Linden St. to the New Belgium Brewery were we tasted some beers and basically followed our folly. It was a great tour, great people and great beer. I have never done a beer tour, only done the winery thing, so it was a nice time.

Saturday had my haircut by the fab Malissa. I thought I had lost my hairdresser, but have no fear I am a true Facebook stalker and found out she is now down in Castle Rock. So thankful to have a haircut.

Saturday night Jason and I headed to Blackhawk to celebrate my dad's retirement. Again, another first for me, as I have never been to Blackhawk or Central City. We met some of my dad's old coworkers up there and ate a big buffet dinner. Jason had his fair share of crab legs and loved it.

Sunday hung low, hit up the grocery store as always, and then worked on a few wedding items.

Things with the wedding are progressing nicely. This week we finally got the contract with the caterer signed and ordered the centerpieces. Now if we can get a cake tasting scheduled and figure out what we are doing for music we will be pretty much squared away with the exception of the little things - like wedding shoes... anyone have recommendations on where to find some cute white shoes without much of a heel that would show of a pedicure just perfectly? I have found ballet flats and then high high heels, but nothing just right yet...

Happy Tuesday - here's to the upcoming weekend that I'm wishing would quickly get here.


Katie McBreen said...

Hey Leslie,

I found great ivory colored shoes at Nordstrom's that had a low heel (1"-2") and showed off the toes. It was perfect for a night of wedding activities and dancing.


Leslie said...

Thanks Katie for the suggestion, I'll have to check there for some shoes!