Jan 16, 2009

Mark it on the calendar

Four months from today I will marry my best friend. Really in only four months? So much to still do, but how I wish it was already here.

I've been a little absent. Work has been crazy busy as it is during reporting weeks, and now I'm working at least nine hour days with compressed work week (but woot woot for every other Friday off). By the time I've been getting home everything in my life is neglected.

Last weekend we tasted the menu for our reception. Everything was just wonderful. I think my favorite was the Asian shrimp & snow peas on sticks for an appetizer, Jason I think loved the mini-buffalo burger best.

Hopefully soon we will be setting up our cake tasting.

This weekend we will be having some friends over for dinner, and otherwise I SERIOUSLY need to get some to-do's tackled. How many times am I going to post that?

Wishing everyone a very happy Friday!

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