Mar 24, 2009

5:00 AM Comes to Early

It's only Tuesday and I feel like I have lived a lifetime this morning alone... I've been falling asleep on the train the past two mornings - that is so unlike me. Any thoughts on how to feel more rested and alive.

Are you looking for the weekend recap?

Thursday night I enjoyed my favorite shows and basically relaxed.

Friday woke up early and hunted for the paper for our wedding programs - found it at Michaels. I had my first dress fitting and although I was told to loss 5 lbs the week before, the dress fit pretty darn near perfect with only a few tweaks that need to be made. After that grabbed lunch with mom and hit up the Boettcher again for some more table seating, back up plan, measuring, chats. Got a lot of details worked out up there. We attempted to go to Longmont for another Crocs warehouse sale and that was a total bust. We almost got jay-walking ticketse and found no cute shoes (they sell the You line there for really good deals). Jason and I had a quick BBQ dinner out.

Saturday had my hair trial and that was a disappointment. Really my hair looked like it was pulled in a casual pony tail from the front. I'm told the back didn't look bad, but I wasn't a fan. Think I might try another round of trials to just make sure I know what I'm getting into the morning of the wedding. I did like that place I went though - it was Kristin's normal hair place and it was really cute. Saturday night we grilled some shrimp and it was fab. We also booked our honeymoon - can't wait for that day to come.

Sunday I did a little cleaning, cat napped and that is about it. I had a number of things I should have been doing but all is well.

Yesterday got my birch bark vases in the mail - look for photos of the table setup coming at a later date since I need to finish getting everything together before I figure out exactly how it will all look.

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