Mar 12, 2009

The Action Packed Weekend

Let's start from the beginning.

Had the day off and headed out of the house before 9AM to tackle the lengthy list of errands. Ring cleaning, Target return, bank deposit, mall, liquor store, car wash, gas and then of course CAKE TASTING.
We sampled 4 different cakes. Swedish Cream. Bailey's. Lemon. Carrot Cake. We loved them all except the Bailey's.
Then we headed to my folks house, worked on getting the invite envelopes stuffed and stamped. Finally headed to the airport to pick up the cousins so the party could begin.

Allison's Birthday. We headed to Cherry Creek Mall to bum around and do some shopping. It was a total girls day. Lots of window shopping, and lots of fitting room trips. We then headed to lunch followed up by pedicures at this great place that Shannon at work recommended.
For dinner the family dinned at White Chocolate Grill - and I must say. Best. Meal. Ever. It was so fabulous, the service, the food, the atmosphere. Jason and I are headed back for our own date night there ASAP. We started the meal with wine and cocktails, and artichokes that were to die for. I ate the blackened Mahi for dinner and it was mouth watering. Finally wrapped the meal up with some of the best desserts.
After dinner we got ready to head downtown to keep the birthday celebration rolling. Closed down the bars and headed home for some R&R.

Another early start to the day... however Allison had too much party the night before and was, uh, feeling ill. We started at the bridal dress store so I could inspect my dress that had just arrived at the store. Then my cousin Rebecca tried on dresses for her upcoming wedding. She ended up finding the perfect dress. After finishing up there we grabbed some lunch and drove up to the Boettcher to do some final walk throughs of the venue. It was setup for an event so we were able to see the table setup and that type of thing.

TEA Party (look for pictures to follow). So fun.
LIME (look for pictures to follow). So fun.
SING SING (look for pictures to follow). So fun.

Rest and more rest after toasting a very celebration-worthy day. I stayed huddled on the couch until about 3, when I finally showered and got ready to see Phantom of the Opera. I wasn't as impressed this time as I was years ago when we went, however it was a pleasant evening none the less.

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