Mar 3, 2009

Call this a Friday

Well I'm feeling slightly stressed with the amount of work that needs to be done before I take the next 3 days off. I don't know how I always plan on taking time off just in midst of reporting every month, but I will enjoy the days of fun ahead.

This past weekend was fast and full of sickness. Friday Jason and I grabbed Wahoo's for dinner. That place was packed, must be all those people dining down in the down economy on top of those who are Friday fish eaters during Lent. It was a nice meal - thanks to mom for the gift cards at Valentine's day, they have come in handy. Then we went home and I crashed at about 7:30 on the couch, tired and sick from the week. Saturday was up early and attempted to clean myself up thinking if I looked pretty I would feel pretty, however didn't really work. Stopped at Rhonda's baby shower to drop off my gift, but didn't stay since I didn't want to get her sick in her last weeks before little baby L arrives. She looked beautiful. Then I headed with my parents up to Jason's parents house to stop at Jason's dad's 60th birthday party. They had a very packed house - 50+ there for the party. Talked with Judy who will be marrying Jason and I in just over 2 months. Check that off the list. Then I headed home, rested for about an hour before heading back out to meet Kristin for the Rascal Flatts / Jessica Simpson concert. I wish I would have been feeling better so I could have danced and sang the night away, but the concert was still very fun even if I was mellow. John Elway was there - haha, they made a very big production of him and Paige and his daughter + friends there in the front row. Made me slightly sick to see how much they stole the show. Sunday went to the grocery and then slept the entire day away on the couch.

(talk about run on paragraph above)

Now just 11 hours and I will be free for 5 lovely days to play with my cousins who come in tomorrow! So looking forward to the weekend of fun. Look for pictures and great stories to come next week.

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