Mar 17, 2009

A little recap

Life has been good, busy and good.

This past weekend I got so many to-dos accomplished. Friday Jason and I had dinner at home (trying to eat in more on the weekends) and then headed out for a "date night" trip to Costco, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Crate and Barrel. Got some snacks, took care of some gift purchasing for some friends and then did then updated our registry.

Saturday we started out early trying to get the last of the family invites in the mail. Then we headed out for lots of other errands - I was on the hunt to find the perfect wedding day shoes (a little later, but finally). We hit about 6 stores, grabbed lunch, hit another store and I finally found my shoes. I also got my veil and some more fake flowers for my DIY letters. We then trekked to my parents house for some corned beef and cabbage. My mom and I spent about 2 hours on the wedding planning, hammering out details, logistics, next tasks, all that fun stuff.

Sunday of course started at the grocery store and then Jason and I went up to his parents house for dinner (Colorado Chili tacos). And chatted more wedding items with his mom.

I feel like I just spew wedding out my mouth these days, but we are less than 2 months from the big day!

Jason and I have found the perfect guest book option! And we have found the perfect new return address labels with my new last name. Thanks to the wonderful Jen at Lavish who is working on designing those puppies. I'll of course post some pictures once that times comes.

In other news, I have made new light rail friends. They are a bunch of lawyers. Super fun, and they make my train rides home so much faster when I sit with them. They share gum, and stories of their days and share magazines, and they are my new friends. {Smiles}

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