Apr 6, 2009

Sleepy Mondays

A very successful weekend.

Friday we held our garage sale, and I was thinking if we made a few bucks and sold some of stuff we would be in good shape. Instead we lucked out, sold nearly everything and made a pretty penny in the process. We had people already waiting for our sale at 6:30 AM. Thanks Craigslist for your help in marketing our event for free. I thought we would be selling until late afternoon, however by 11:30 AM we had sold enough to close up shop. Friday night we went to Noodles (with my BOGO coupon that I got for signing up for their enews - recommend doing that). We stopped at Borders to do a little book shopping - I got 3 books from the bargain book section (they were buy 2 get 1 free - good deal). We also rented Twilight, and we both enjoyed watching that.

Saturday we were supposed to get another blizzard, so Jason and I planned to stay tucked inside cleaning the entire day, and enjoying a pot of chili for dinner. We cleaned, cleaned and cleaned some more. I don't know how my house is always so messy. I guess too few square feet, combined with too much stuff, leaves a mess. We sat down on Saturday night to get our ceremony put together and get our vows figured out. We had borrowed a couple books from our officiant on weddings and picked and chose what worked best for Jason and I as a couple. Didn't think it would be so tricky, but in the end I think we were both happy with the outcome. Saturday we checked the mail and I got my lovely delivery from Jen with our guest book poster for the wedding and our new mailing address labels for our thank you cards following the wedding. A sneak peek:

Yesterday of course we hit up the grocery store. Then met Jason's parents up in Evergreen to look at a potential rehearsal dinner location - it was a bust. The El Rancho just didn't meet our needs. We then tried to go to the BBQ joint Jason and I had previously checked out, but they are closed on Sundays. So that was all a wash. Instead Jason and I grabbed a Which Wich and they were super tasty. I tried a milkshake from there and that was dangerous - so creamy and good. We purchased a frame for our guest book poster and looked for wedding bands. We quickly found a perfect one for Jason, but my band looks like it is going to be harder to find.

Now back to Monday morning.

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