Jun 19, 2009


The weekend will start soon, and then I have 2 days of happiness awaiting.

I'm trying to find that balance in my life of accomplishing everything I want to do, and doing it so that I still have down time. Somehow it doesn't go exactly as I plan.

This weekend will be weekend of celebrating the father's in my life. Saturday we are heading to the horse track with my pops and stuffing our faces with food and then Sunday Jason will play golf in the morning with his pops and I'll meet them all for dinner when they are done.

Hoping to get a little scrapbooking in, as well as finish painting the master bedroom. Tonight is supposed to be 50 cent bucket of ball night at the driving range so I think Jas and I will head to there to hit some golf balls after we enjoyed some BBQ chicken and corn on the cob for dinner.

As I posted early this week, I'm really hoping to get out with the Holga camera, as well as the Nikon and get some good shots of everyday life in this weekend.

Here's hoping that everyone else enjoy's their 48-hours of weekend!

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