Jun 17, 2009

News Received Via Email

Sometimes I am taken back at how far technology has moved us as humans. How connected, yet unconnected we are. I work in this vast industry of the internet and somehow it never ceases to amaze at it is shifting the way we function day in and day out.

Anyway, long story for a short funny story. Yesterday at work around 11 AM I get an email from my mother-in-law with both Jason and I included that reads:

Hi: Dad sawed the tip of his little finger on his left hand off yesterday. OUCH!! He says it hurts, but not too bad. He’s on an antibiotic because he nicked the bone. He took his shirt off, wrapped his finger in it, and drove himself to the emergency room from Judy’s house!

What??? I went into panic, how come no one called, how come I didn't know, on and on. Now today I can laugh about it and find the email humorous, but yesterday I was worried. Now I suppose I think of email as the way I'm sure people thought about the phone. In another era when people could only write letters to be delivered weeks later by pony, train, boat, etc that is the only way they would hear things, then came the phone were in an instance you could be connected with someone to give them the latest news, and today we have email.

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