Aug 17, 2009

It was a Doozy

This weekend, as they all are, was completely busy. Friday night Jason and I spent three hours prepping for the garage sale. We hauled boxes, cleaned closets and labeled like we were manic. Went to bed late after all the work, only to wake up early on Saturday to drag stuff to the curb. We hung signs and we sold some stuff. It wasn't as successful as the first round of garage sales, but hey, we will take what we made all the way to the bank.

Saturday afternoon my parents had Jason's parents and us over for supper. Enjoyed the best beer can chicken and enjoyed the company. After dinner, Jason and I headed to see 500 Days of Summer at the Landmark Theatre. Love it there - free popcorn and soda with the price of the ticket.

Sunday I let Jason sleep in, that is what wife's do after forcing their love to wake up early the day before. While he slept I hit up the grocery store. Later we put the roof rack on my car, headed to the car wash, grabbed lunch at Bernie's (which we were trying for the first time and L.o.v.e.d.) Then we went to AWF, for like the forty-eighth time in two weeks, to purchase our NEW mattress. It was love. We hauled that thing home on top of the car, with the newly installed roof rack. Lugged it up the stairs and discovered it was nearly 2 feet higher than the last mattress. The dog couldn't even jump on the bed, and Jason had to have a running start. So, Jason took apart the bed frame so we could drop the mattress down. Then we slept in bliss.

This morning I had to drag my butt out of bed to come to work. The mattress is lonely today I just know it. I think I better go home and keep it company. I'm sure it is scared in a new place with no one around.

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