Sep 9, 2009

I Hella Heart Mancation Part #1

I arrived in San Fran at about 9. Then the madness of the weekend started as Jenny speed into the airport pick up zone horn blaring and windows rolled down. We threw the suitcase in the car and drove straight to In N Out Burger.

It might be the weirdest trip there ever. Jenny & Meg had a pepper eating contest, some man walked in with his light saber turned on and another man came in with a parrot on his shoulder.

We got back to Jenny's house and I was in awe of her view and couldn't get enough of the city lights.
The next morning I had Jenny wake me up so I could watch the sunrise. It was actually pretty cool because the Bay Bridge was closed for repairs so I could see the traffic lights for miles as people made their way into the city.

After getting cleaned up we headed out to Trader Joe's for snacks. I love that place and really wish we had one here.
Then we traveled into Palo Alto to go to Ikea. It was my first time to this WONDERFUL place. I was in love. Again, we need one of those here. We of course had to test everything in the store.
Then we dined on their great, cheap food. I enjoyed the Swedish Meatballs.
After Ikea we headed back into the city for part 2 of our 1st day adventure... more photos coming tomorrow.

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