Sep 20, 2009

Wonderful Weekends

I feel like I'm slowly getting back into the groove. Like welcoming the fall season is welcoming a slower paced life. Things have been more about relaxing instead of about going.

I had Friday of this week (still loving CWWs). I work up early and took Rye dog to the groomer, she looks so pretty and is soooo soft now. I then ran a few other errands and took the car in for an oil change and to have the tires rotated. I came home picked up the house, did a few loads of laundry and baked a keylime pie for our weekend treat, as well as cooked up some chicken wings for dinner. We watched I Love You Man, which I didn't think was that great, but Jason enjoyed it.

Saturday I woke up and cooked some fabulous Pumpkin Scones and then we ran a few of our typical errands, enjoyed a sloppy burger from Good Times and did our grocery shopping early. We came home and listened to the Buffs game on the radio (as we don't have Fox College Sports in our plan). We fell asleep during the final few moments of the game just curled on the couch. It was just so typically fall. For dinner we grilled up some dogs and made potato salad.

Today we ate breakfast together before Jason headed to Bear Dance to play a round of golf. I headed to my parents for lunch and some catch up time. Then basically cooked up some dinner and then enjoyed some TV.

All in all a great relaxing weekend. It was a great chance to just catch up on us time and get some R&R before another busy week ahead.

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