Oct 7, 2009

Product Review: Vaseline's Sheer Infusion

Let me start by saying that this is NOT a paid product review, I didn't receive free product from the company in effort to get me to blog on this, I'm simply choosing to share with you a product I recently tried and am loving. (I know the FTC is cracking down on paid endorsements online, but have no fear, I'm not being paid).

The other day my mother gave me a bottle of Vaseline Sheer Infusion. First off, generally all things that mom's recommend are normally pretty good. My dad gave me one warning as my mom handed me the bottle, "Don't use too much or you will be sticky." I was thinking whatever, what does my dad know about a lotion marketed at women?

Source: Sheer Infusion site

Well I went home, took a shower and lathered up with the lotion when I got out. Yep, I was a little sticky to say the least. I figured the next day I would give it another go, this time thinking "sheer" I only applied the lotion lightly and let me tell you I loved it! It was so silky, so smooth, so sheer. The smell is soft, pleasant and not too powerful. My skin felt soft for several hours and the smell stayed with it. So if you do try it out, take my dad's advice and apply very little at first, too much will leave you sticky.

Head over to the Sheer Infusion site to learn more about the product, and even score a $1.50 coupon!

Ok stepping off my product review soapbox, or lotion bottle, and returning to normal postings.


Soraya said...

what kind of camera do you use? your pictures are so crisp and clear!

Leslie said...

I use a Nikon D40 and really don't do much post-editing. Some photos I auto-brighten in Microsoft Office Picture Manager. I don't know a lot about the technical side of photography, but hope to keep learning! (Added your blog to my Google Reader just now!)

Soraya said...

aww thanks! i'm so new to blogs! but i do love your pictures. they're really beautiful!