Oct 5, 2009

Vail Ventures Day 2, Year 2

Day 2 came much to quickly in Vaill, I was wishing it was still only Day 1.

We ventured out in the quiet cool morning. It was just another beautiful day, and the village was nearly empty.

We went to Ludwig's at the Sonnenalp Resort for their breakfast buffet based on a friend's recommendation. I was promised on the way in that there would be pancakes, there wasn't. Needless to say, the overall breakfast didn't deliver. I was disappointed with the breakfast, and after having to great meals the day before, it felt even worse. Anyway, we won't be going back there for breakfast.
After checking out of the Vail Plaza Hotel we decided to take a drive to take a few last photographs of the changing leaves.
The weather was perfect, and the sun was so bright and crisp.

Then we hit the road to head back home. There was light traffic headed into the Eisenhower Tunnel (which for those not from Colorado is a tunnel just over 1.5 miles - can't hold your breathe through that one, but you can honk a lot).

I had never thought to take a picture of this adventure. I have so many great memories of driving through this tunnel as a child.
We had to get home to pick up the Riley dog from my parents' house, stop at the grocery and make it home in time for Jason to enjoy the football game. It was such a great weekend away, hard to come back home always.

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Claire said...

you make me want to get away to the mountains! also, that last shot of the tunnel is way cool!