Oct 1, 2009

A Week Full of Inspiration

Sometimes in life you feel that your true calling is whispering, calling you closer, calling you to take on everything that you are destined for. This was one of those weeks. The whispers may go silent for awhile, but slowly I feel like I'm making my way in the right direct.

A few things that left me totally, and completey, inspired.

>Pretty Good; the images, the text, everything about Mary's blog makes me happy. I've been raving about it all week and just can't stop.

>A fantastic zero budget office makeover. Makes me even more ready to redo our office space.

>Calendars! Just looking at the beautiful designs and thinking about all that 2010 will hold makes me so excited!

>Gratitude changing my outlook. Bugs and Snails posted about a Gratitude Challenge. Hoping to continue incorpating elements from that challenge here on Printed Press.

Hoping you've found inspiration this week to, and may your true calling be whispering (or shouting) your name. Best wishes for a wonderful weekend.

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