Oct 9, 2009

Weekend Plans

The chill of fall has settled on Colorado for the weekend, I plan to hide inside as much as I can tackling a few lingering items on the to-do list.

This week of course left me full of inspiration, as always.
>Oprah's October 7 show featuring Stephanie of NieNie Dialogues. Her blogs is one of my favorites and I so admire her strength and faith. She is a remarkable role model and mother.

>Soraya's Halloween advent calendar is too cute for words - hoping to replicate something like this for Thanksgiving.

>Every single photo by Gabrielle Kai Photography is breathtakingly moving.

And really so many more things just left me feeling motivated this week. My Google Reader is always packed with a breathe of fresh air.

A few things I'll be planning for the weekend:
Saturday we have our annual office ping pong tournament, I'll be going more for fun than to achieve a winning title.

I want to make a big batch of vegetable beef soup (if anyone has a killer recipe, please comment).

I want to start seriously making plans for the guest bedroom and begin work on the shelf gallery I've posted about.

Of course this weekend will also consist of laundry, cleaning bathroom, and other household chores.

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!

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