Oct 19, 2009

Weekends are Wonderful

This weekend was beautiful, both weather wise and just in how full life was. Friday I enjoyed my day off running to Costco. I browsed just about every aisle while there and just enjoyed people watching and looking at all the things I didn't need to buy in bulk. Love that store. I cooked a great dinner and we headed to Dairy Queen for ice cream before settling in to watch Mad Men for the evening.

Saturday I visited the parents while Jason headed to play volleyball. I just couldn't get enough of the beautiful sunshine.
Dad and I ventured to Goodwill and to another thrift store to enjoy the thrill of the hunt and love of the find. He bought a few paintings and I really just enjoyed browsing. Saturday night Jason and I went downtown for dinner and then rented The Proposal. Although I know it received mixed reviews for a romantic comedy, I thought it was pretty entertaining for the evening.

Sunday we as always went to the grocery store, and then I really just spent the majority of the day napping. We had plans to meet Jason's dearest friends to take some family photos for them and to enjoy dinner. Their little boys are just the cutest things, I could eat them up! I mean seriously look at that smile.
And look at that face of a little boy ready to be done with photos! A.dor.able!
Rach, if you are reading this, I should have all your photos editted by the end of the week and a disk in the mail for you this weekend! Consider this a sneak peek of your cute little ones.

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