Oct 13, 2009

Wonderful Weekends

So back to the normally scheduled weekend recap (grateful Tuesday will be posted later today).

Friday night, Jason and I enjoyed Bombay Bowl, which for those who don't have one nearby is basically a fast casual Indian food place (think Chipotle or Noodles type places). We then went to Costco and shopped around. Costco is one of my favorite place to shop - even for clothes sometimes. They have a killer wool jacket I had my eye on while we were there. Once home we settled in and watched a episode of Mad Men (which will require a whole other post - but loving that show).

Saturday was the annual ping pong tournament for work hosted at Lauren's house. The boys got together and brainstormed the bracket, while the girls looked at wedding photos.
Then it was on to the challenge. Everyone played one-on-one.
Followed by a mad game of around the world ping pong. If you haven't ever played, I highly suggest it. You basically hit the ball and run around to the other side of the table to return the next hit.
I had to snap a few pictures of Tank - Lauren & Andrew's adorable rescue dog.
After the ping pong party we stopped at the grocery to pick up some fresh produce so I could make vegetable beef soup. It was so tasty with some homemade corn bread muffins. We watched more Mad Men.

Sunday we headed to Jason's parents house for football and dinner. While there I worked on a recipe book combining all the magazine tearouts I've been keeping folded up. The book to hold them all was a gift from one of the ladies I ride the train with. Jas and I were supposed to go to the Rockies game on Sunday night, but that moved to Monday afternoon. After dinner with his folks, we really just relaxed at home and prepared for the upcoming week.

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