Nov 28, 2009

Black Friday Shopping

Project365 Day 110: black friday shopping

I'm still recovering today after shopping til I couldn't shop anymore yesterday. The morning started at 4:00 when we got up to be able to leave the house at 4:20. First stop, Walmart. I've never seen anything so manic! I hunted around while Jas stood in a line for a new bedroom TV. I picked up a few DVDs and a couple Wii games that will be perfect for presents. Long story short, I got a better deal on the games than advertised after one of the games didn't scan right {big smiles}. Then we went to Target, followed by Best Buy, followed by home for a quick breakfast and then back out again to another Target, Ulta, Aaron Brothers and Hallmark. After that Jas and I hit the grocery for a quick stop and then come home so he could watch some football and I could nap. Later in the afternoon we went to Costco, where we scored some great deals and I got an awesome free cookbook they were handing out. Love the free stuff.

All in all that was the Black Friday shopping experience. Lots of purchases, lots of crowds. I'm almost done with my shopping. Only 3 gifts left to buy and that includes my gift for the work gift exchange.

More of a complete weekend recap coming tomorrow.

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