Nov 24, 2009

Grateful Tuesday

Today my gratitude is all over the board

1. Thanksgiving and my father's willingness to cook a turkey even though the family is going to be celebrating together at Jason's parents' house. Who else would cook a turkey because the kids want leftovers for the weekend?

2. My marriage. Last night I watched the final episode of Jon & Kate plus 8 and I wasn't sad it was ending because I think the show is maybe ready to be over, but I was sad thinking back over the years of watching Kate and Jon, despite their fighting, moving together for their family and sharing those tender moments. Those moments won't ever happen again and it made me grateful for my tender moments and the years ahead.

3. Oprah. In light of her wrapping up the Oprah show to move to the OWN (her new cable channel), I decided I'm thankful for all the knowledge her show has shared with the world. Some of it has been fun, the latest gifts to give, and other moments have been eye opening, how to protect yourself in moments of terror. All in all, I enjoy having something on the DVR when nothing else is on tv to tune into.

4. Christmas music! Yes, I'm streaming it non-stop right now. It is just so merry and joyous.

5. The train. I've met some great friends on the train and really enjoy sharing stories from the day with this little pod of people. They share my love for magazines and dinner plans. Plus, I enjoy the quiet moments each morning in the darkness just reading or thinking.

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