Nov 30, 2009

November - Check

Today marks the final day of NaBloPoMo and I did it, I posted everyday in November and even threw in a couple extra posts. No promises that I can keep that pace up, but do know that it is my intention and effort to post more often.

With that, weekends are wonderful, so wonderful in fact that mine extends through today with an extra day of vacation.

Wednesday night started this turkey filled weekend adventure by the office closing a little early. I made it home and decided that we would eat leftovers and not cook something new. We of course had to run out to Walmart because I was certain I should have bought more cranberries (if you fast forward to thanksgiving day we had a ton of leftover cranberries, but better safe than without them). I cooked up our cranberry sauce that evening and just enjoyed the excited energy of the weekend.

Thursday I woke up around 7:30 thinking I could have tried to sleep a little longer, but good thing I didn't, I ended up short on time anyway. I turned on the Macy's parade, picked up the house, opened up the newspaper hoping to read all the Black Friday ads, baked corn bread muffins and showered al before leaving the house at 10:45 to head to my parents house. We listened to our favorite Alice's Restaurant on KBCO, a family tradition, and then headed to Jas' parents. In total we were a smaller group this year due to some being sick with good 'ol swine flu, but there were 16 of us still celebrating together. After stuffing ourselves with all the turkey day fixings, we headed back to my parents. Jas watched the Broncos game while my mom and I sorted through the ads making our shopping plans.

On Friday as I posted early we were up early and out the door to shop and shop and shop. Jason and I rented Angels and Demons to watch at home that night. Together we enjoyed round #1 of turkey day leftovers. Open faced sandwiches and some sides.

Saturday we cleaned out some donation items for Goodwill and ate turkey day leftovers round #2, a turkey pot pie I crafted.

Sunday I finished up a little Christmas shopping and worked on my Christmas cards. And, ate turkey day leftovers round #3, a turkey BBQ pizza.

Today I plan to wrap gifts until my fingers bleed or all the presents are wrapped - whichever comes first. I'll certainly post a few pictures of the event, as it is one of my favorite days of the holiday season. I'm one of those strange people that enjoys wrapping.

Thanks for bearing through this long weekend post, and for reading all November long as I posted each day. May December fill your heart with joy and may the holiday spirit bring a smile to your face.

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