Nov 23, 2009

Wonderful Weekends

Listening to Christmas music this morning and enjoying a warm cup of coffee. Weekends seem even greater when they end with a three a work week ahead followed by a 5-day weekend. Friday before I left work I cleaned my desk off and it feels very refreshing this morning too.

As for the weekend, Friday we cooked some pork chops and just watched some TV. Saturday we got a head start on you guessed it, errands and more holiday shopping. We had Which Wich for lunch, and just love that place. Then we went and saw The Blind Side. I. LOVED. IT. It was the best movie that I've seen in a lonnnng time. Every person cast in the movie was outstanding. Sandra Bullock fit the role perfectly. Time McGraw can act. Quinton Aaron was impressive and I just loved that little Jae Head as S.J. Go see that movie this weekend, or tonight for that matter.

After the movie we went to check out Cheddar's for dinner which just opened near the house. I was really hoping that I would be in love with this place. The autmosphere is great, but the service was very lacking for a newly opened place. We started off with an order of onion rings and then I ordered a burger and Jason ordered some ribs. He got a baked potato with his meal. The food was beyond slow to be delivered, and my water glass sat empty most of the meal. When they finally brought our main meals, Jason said we were still waiting on a baked potato and the server said, oh we ran out of those. WHO runs out of a meal item and doesn't tell you in advance?!?! At a new place?!?! Anyway, I'm sure we will go back someday as the prices are reasonable and the food was fine, but I'm giving them a few more weeks to iron out the wrinkles and for the wait to get a table to die down. We waited for 40 mins to get a table and were there at 5:00 PM.

Sorry... long post...

Sunday I put up the Christmas tree while Jason watch football. Then I gave myself a facial and manicure. After that, whipped up some red velvet cupcakes (that my coworkers will be thankful for later today). I took a quick photo walk and snapped about 40 pictures - it was hard to pic a photo for Love What You Live yesterday. Then we cooked dinner together and enjoyed a peaceful evening.

Looking forward to a short week and a holiday with friends and family gathered near.

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