Dec 18, 2009

A Look Back...

So it's the end of the year and before I post my goals, resolutions, hopes and dreams for 2010, I thought I would take a look at what I accomplished on the list from 2009.

- Scrapbook (dare I say weekly?) - well I didn't hit this one, but I did scrapbook several times with my mother and mother-in-law, as well as created a December Daily album this year. Maybe more time in 2010 to tackle the ever-growing stack of photos.
- Love - Everyday my love grows deeper and broader and richer. May this love never end.
- Paint my bedroom - it is now a beautiful color that I should be marking down somewhere to remember for the next home, as I love the color.
- Plan my happily ever after - What a wonderful wedding it was.
- Paint my master bathroom - after going back and forth on this one, it was decided that we didn't need to paint it and it is still plain jane white.
- Give more of myself - I would like to say I volunteered, donated and gave away a lot of myself this past year, and in the end I didn't do as much as I hoped.
- Purge, purge and purge some more - keep it simple, organized, neat, and clean - Two garage sales this year, and plans to clean out closets, drawers, boxes and more in 2010.
- Smile more - This year was a happy year, full of lots of smiles.
- Journal, again - Well I didn't had write in my journal much in 2009, but I must say I blogged more than I ever imagined.
- Breath deeply - I could use a few more quite moments, but I do try to remember to breath.
- Get a new car - I love my little car that will celebrate it's 1st birthday with me in Feb.
- Relax more, really let my mind slow down - Maybe more down time in 2010?
- Travel out of the country at least twice - Only got out of dodge once this year.
- Hug more - Well...sure...
- Hook up the TV in the second bedroom - We hooked the TV up in the second bedroom and then moved it back into the master bedroom.
- Sleep in, and be ok with it, that is what weekends are for - Slept in a few weekends this year.
- Eat at the dining room table more - Got a new dining room table and try to eat there at least once a week. Problem is it gets cluttered with mail... maybe a goal in 2010 should be to eat there 2 times a week.

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