Jul 18, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up (a week late)

So last weekend...not the weekend currently in the works...we lived it up.

Friday was my glorious day off - and it was much needed after a few long days with extra hours. I soaked up the sun at the pool (yes, this has become a theme of my summer) and then took the little dog for a haircut - or as I like to call it a trip to the doggie spa. I've also been working a lot on my photo albums on Blurb and organizing the other photos in folders. I'm crossing my fingers that I get an external hard drive for my birthday so I can rest easy that the photos are all backed up in one place.

Saturday we hung at the pool and then went to visit my parents for some BBQ ribs. I love my dad's cooking. It was a nice evening to sit and catch up.

On Sunday both J & I, as well as the families, met at the Rockies game for a day at the park. The Rockies had been on a winning streak but of course lost that afternoon. We still enjoyed the game, some beers, a hot dog and some ice cream.

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