Jul 26, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was wonderful.

Friday during the day I met a friend for lunch, went to the pool and cleaned up my plants on the patio.
Friday night we enjoyed a great meal of grilled chicken, fresh cooked beets, and wild rice.
After dinner we went to the driving range, and hit a few balls, before grabbing some ice cream and going home to watch the Bounty Hunter.
Saturday we went to the Outlet mall, grocery shopped, grabbed dinner at a local Mexican food place and then watched The Bannen Way - which I must recommend that everyone go out and rent, your local Redbox should have a copy.
Sunday we hung low, went to the pool, napped, and cooked the meal I had been dying for all weekend - Shrimp Boil on a stick. It was so good and so relaxing to just sit around and enjoy a meal on the patio.
It was a great weekend with my two favorites - Riley and Jas.

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